Goodness! Gracious! Great Balls of Fish!

Scandinavian Fish Balls

In Scandinavia, one of the most beloved foods you’ll find eaten in every household is something called fiskeboller, or fish balls.

What are they? They are balls of ground up white fish and are most often served in a cream sauce. Surprisingly though, the taste is rather mild. It’s not an overpowering fish flavor and it seems to slip away into the sauce as a warm and soothing comfort dish for those cold winter months.

Scandinavian Fish Balls  

These silky-textured fish balls are often served alongside potatoes and vegetables to make this dish even heartier. In Norway, you’ll find them fresh-made everywhere you go. But for Norwegians who travel miles away from home, or for those curious to try foods from different cultures, you can find them in canned form.

Roald Amundsen, the famous Norwegian explorer took fish balls with him in a tin on his travels to the North Pole somewhere around 1918 through 1926 because he deemed them a perfect food source.

 Geiranger, Norway

Photo by Matt Lamers on Unsplash

Whether you are exploring the North Pole, or just in your own kitchen, fish balls are a wonderful meal, regardless. They come in brine so you’ll want to drain them and cook them in cream sauce along with potatoes. You can also add them to soup for a lovely flavor too. 

Fishballs In Soup

If you enjoy eating fish, these Norwegian fish balls will be something you’ll wish you tried sooner. Go ahead and indulge your Scandinavian side! The cream sauce is simply made from butter, flour and cream. Stir continuously until you get your desired consistency and don’t forget to season it appropriately.

With these fish balls, it’s entirely possible to get a full ethnic meal onto your table even on a busy weeknight in less than 20 minutes. What a way to have a ball!

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