Breakfast From Around The World

Breakfast from Around the World

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if you thought that breakfast had to be a plain old bowl of cereal, or a couple of miserable looking fried eggs with burnt bacon, you are very much mistaken! Breakfast foods are actually very versatile when you think about it, especially when you begin bringing in influences from all over the globe. Breakfast foods from continent to continent, and country to country for that matter, are very diverse yet equally delicious. To help you get an idea of just what types of foods you could be starting your morning off with, here’s a look at breakfast foods from around the world as we look at what people in different countries tend to enjoy first thing in a morning.

French Butter Croissant

France – When people think of Continental breakfasts, nine times out of ten they think of French breakfast foods. Fresh warm buttered croissants with jam and butter are firm favorites. Some people enjoy dunking their croissants in their French coffee. Pain au chocolate is another favorite. This is a buttery brioche bread containing fresh chocolate spread. Palmier pastries are also well worth experiencing. The name means ‘palm tree’ which is not surprising when you see the shape of this pasty. It is crunchy, flat, and deliciously decadent, yet unusually light. For something a little more luxurious, Eggs Royale is a must. This dish consists of two thick slices of brioche bread, topped off with smoked salmon, and finished off with two poached eggs drizzled in Hollandaise sauce before being sprinkled with fresh chives. Delicious!

Russian Syrniki Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Russia – Russia is home to some truly delicious and unique flavors. Whilst the breakfast foods do indeed vary from region to region, there are some tried and tested Russian staples that help to create a truly memorable breakfast. In Russia, breakfast is all about speed, which is why sandwiches such as cheese or Kolbassa sausages are often consumed, as they can be eaten whilst on the way to work. Another firm favorite is a simple, yet hearty and delicious meal consisting of three or four fried sunny side up eggs in a pan, topped off with pieces of cooked Kolbassa sausage, and sprinkled with fresh dill. ‘Syrniki’ (cottage cheese dumplings) are also very popular and easy as they contain an egg, cottage cheese, salt and pepper, and a little flour and can be cooked quickly and served with sour cream and jam.

 Spanish Cinnamon Sugar Churros

Spain – Spanish breakfast foods are actually very simple, because instead they tend to eat a large meal for lunch around midday. More often than not, a basic yet delicious roll containing fresh jam will be consumed, though soft cheeses and luncheon meats are sometimes preferred with freshly toasted bread and butter. Churros are another Spanish breakfast staple. These are very similar to donuts in that they’re made from a light dough that is fried and sprinkled with sugar. Their shape however, is long and thin.

 Muesli Cereal with Yogurt and Fruit

Germany – Germany is famous for its delicious sausages, so not surprisingly, they like to start their day off with sausage. German sausages come in all shapes and sizes, and often, you’ll find many a German tucking into a sausage sandwich to start their day. For lighter fare, Muesli cereal is also very popular for breakfast in Germany. Muesli contains a variety of oats, seeds, grains, and various dried fruits. Served with ice cold milk, the Germans love it, and you will too! Another standby for German breakfast is good old fashion toast! Grab a slice of hearty German bread and use it to dip into a soft boiled egg. Spread German preservatives too!

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