French Breakfast for Every Day of the Week

Have you ever tried people-watching? Not in a creepy way, but in more of an observant\sociological manner? Trying to understand other’s lives, habits, and weird quirks by just observing their usual rituals like getting coffee in the morning will never not be fun for nosy people like us. Especially when it comes to ordering food - if you’ve ever run the risk of pulling your neck by trying to see what the waiter is taking over to the table next to you, then you know exactly what we’re talking about!

People-watching in cafes & restaurants is never more fun than when you’re abroad, especially around breakfast. While lunches are usually focused around similar types of meals, and the character of dinners are determined by the restaurant you go to, what people choose to order for breakfast is most likely going to be a signifier of their heritage, what they grew up eating, or at least what’s most convenient for their day-to-day lives.

And if you ever find yourself in a little French cafe early in the morning, you’ll notice that, much like in Italy, people in France don’t tend to have large breakfasts. They are usually on the go and need a quick boost to get tide them over till lunch. However, their breakfasts are never without some flair and decadence, not to mention that effortless aesthetic the French are so renowned for - whether it’s a chocolate croissant and a cup of espresso, or a yogurt parfait, it always looks appetizing and intentional. At the same time, we can’t disregard all the impeccable and indulgent breakfast variations the French cuisine offers for slower mornings - which is precisely why, when looking for the ultimate guide through a week of morning pick-me-ups, both quick and time-consuming, the French breakfast options are the ultimate choice!

So, what are we having today?

French Breakfast On-The-Go

Did you snooze the alarm too many times? Did you turn it off completely without even opening your eyes? Or do you simply prefer to dedicate the extra minutes to sleep than to crafting an elaborate meal? Either way, we’ve got you (or should I say oui’ve got you, hah!) - there are plenty of grab-and-go French breakfasts you can enjoy without wasting any time, and you’re probably already familiar with a lot of them, but let us also offer some effortless updates!

First and foremost, obviously, croissants! Layers upon layers of buttery decadence with impeccable filling and crunchy exterior? Mhmm… Yeah, doesn’t sound too shabby, does it? Sure, it would be great to live next to a quaint French bakery and feel like Belle every morning, singing to the baker greeting you “with his tray like always,” but not all of us are that lucky. All you need to do is keep a bag of Brioche Pasquier’s French butter croissants around, and you’ll be able to create whatever type of breakfast you want in a heartbeat! Want something sweet? Add a spoonful of Nutella (we’d recommend some but butter as well) or jam of your choice; Up for something savory? Cream cheese and a few slices of packaged smoked salmon only take a moment to make and result in a stunning breakfast! Want a variation that comes with decadent melted chocolate already included? Try Brioche Pasquier’s pain au chocolat (we often call them chocolate croissants, but that’s not necessarily correct), they are just as buttery and decadent, but also have to strips of melted, velvety chocolate running through each piece, and you would not be able to find a better pairing for your coffee if you tried!

What happens on busy mornings when you’re in the mood for something softer, more delicate, and pillowy? Well - your choice is varied and difficult in that section as well! From spicy and flavorful Albert Menes French honey gingerbread, tailor-made for those chilly autumn-winter mornings, to the impeccable Brioche Pasquier chocolate chip pitches with the most satisfying texture you just want to sink your teeth into, there are no wrong choices to be made! A helpful tip? Try Brioche Pasquier strawberry pitches with a bit of sour cream - the combination of tart and sweet is heavenly, you can thank us later!

Homemade French Breakfast for Those Slow Weekends We All Love

Who doesn’t love a French toast with a generous drizzle of maple syrup and some fresh berries or bananas on top? And all of that on a lazy Sunday morning? Made calmly with your favorite music playing in the background? That sounds almost too good to be true! But it doesn’t have to be! As long as you stock up on all the ingredients you need, your next day off can start just like that! And the most important part of French toast is, well, the toast! As for the best option? It’s irrefutably a classic French brioche! Although, make sure to get it a few days ahead and let it go stale - as a rule of thumb, for ultimate results, always combine your fresh bread with butter and stale bread with batter!

How About Some Homemade Crepes for Breakfast?

Crepes? Sure! Would you prefer them sweet or savory? From plain to strawberry and chocolate French crepes, there are more than enough ready-to-eat crepes you can get and always have at hand for a quick breakfast! However, for slower mornings when you do want to make something from scratch, Francine French crepe mix is the perfect ingredient! It manages to give you the same satisfaction of a homemade bake while still removing the unnecessary hassle from the process, guaranteeing you an excellent result! Top it with berries, a generous dollop of nut butter, some chocolate chips, or cacao nibs, and enjoy every bite in peace!

Would you prefer a savory crepe? Those goodies are a bit underappreciated and unfairly so! From the combination of eggs, ham, and cheese (making a fun variation of classic Croque Madame) to cream cheese and salmon, savory crepes can not only complement any flavor but also elevate them! For even more of a fun take, try using Francine buckwheat crepe mix to make the most flavorful French crepes that ever were!

Find Everything Your French Breakfast Needs - Online!

From renowned classics like croissants and pain au chocolat to more intriguing takes on French breakfast like buckwheat crepes, you can find everything you might need for a full week of exciting meals right here at Yummy Bazaar! Get your favorite baked goods, add some Bonne Mamman jams and preserves, a jar or two of classic French honey, and enjoy your impeccable breakfasts with your favorite cup of coffee every day!

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