A Guide to Italy’s Favorite Cookies

Italian Coffee and Cookies

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If there is one universal language that everyone speaks and understands, it’s the language of food. The love of food has brought people together for centuries – in fact, it was the search for Indian spices that led Columbus on his journey to discover America. Among food items, desserts have always held a special place in our hearts. Desserts are one of those food items that have a homely feel and love attached to them, making you feel warm and cozy on the inside. This inexplicable love of desserts can be enjoyed with Mulino Bianco cookies and biscuits which promise to bring “Sweet Moments the Italian Way”. Founded in 1974, Mulino Bianco is Italy’s favorite brand, as their products are a stable for Italian homes.

Chicche Cacao Cookies:
A whole new take on the words “chocolate delight”, Chicche Cacao cookies are circular pastries filled with a  creamy chocolate center for utmost deliciousness.

Mulino Bianco Gemme Biscuits with Apricot Jam

Gemme Biscuits with Apricot Jam:
A fruity sweet favorite, Gemme biscuits are made with a soft butter pastry and filled with delicious apricot jam for a delicious sweetness in one great package.

Macine Shortbread Biscuits:
Simple, down to earth, and homey – nothing feels strange about these Macine shortbread biscuits, which make a simple yet elegant accompaniment for breakfast, a quick snack before bread, or as a dessert.

Galletti Biscuits:
These traditional shortbread cookies are topped with sugar crystals for a fairly understated sweet tone that goes incredibly well with a cup of strong coffee.

Mulino Bianco Settembrini Fig Cookies

Settembrini Fig Cookies:
These melt in your mouth shortbread wraps arrive with a delicious fig filling, perfect for a wonderful breakfast or snack with just the right amount of sweet, sweet goodness.

Girotondi Biscuits:
One of the favorite shapes among Mulino Bianco biscuits, Girotondi or “Roundabout” biscuits are shaped like a hub and spokes. These shortbread biscuits with cane sugar look incredibly artistic and taste even better.

Pannocchie Biscuits:
Pannocchie biscuits are another humble offering by Mulino Bianco: wholesome wheat biscuits lovingly baked with butter for a delicious treat, day or night.

Mulino Bianco Rigoli Biscuits

Rigoli Biscuits:
An all time favorite, Rigoli biscuits are made with specially sourced milk and honey. These biscuits are a top seller and can be recognized as one of  Italy’s favorite breakfast food.

Campagnole Biscuits:
One of the fancier offerings on the Mulino Bianco product list, Campagnole cookies are shortbread cookies made with special rice pudding mixture.

Abbracci Biscuits:
Munilo Bianco’s take on the vanilla chocolate cookie, Abbracci biscuits are a fine example of two delightful flavors living side by side in harmony. The key to eating one right is getting some chocolate and some vanilla in each bite. After all, nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate!

Mulino Bianco Batticuori Chocolate Cookies

Batticuori Chocolate Cookies:
These lovely cocoa heart cookies hit you with an amazing aroma before unleashing their full chocolate flavor. A hit with kids and adults alike, they make for an excellent reward.

Canestrini Shortbread Biscuits:
These flower shaped delights are made with special Italian shortbread and come with a light dusting of delicious sugar icing. They are light enough to be enjoyed at any time of day or night, and still pack a sweet punch you won’t forget.

Cuor di Mela Biscuits:
Literally translated as “Heart of Apple”, these biscuits are filled with real fruit pieces and apple jam for a super delicious snack or dessert.

Baiocchi Cookies:
What could be better than hazelnut and chocolate cream? How about both of these finger licking good ingredients together in a biscuit sandwich? Try out Baiocchi cookies next time you want a sweet treat to remember!

With biscuits and cookies as a top choice for breakfast throughout Italy, Mulino Bianco is the voice of Italian tradition, and a force to be reckoned with in the world of confectioneries!



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