Rougie Duck and Pork Pate with Orange 2.8 oz

by Rougie
$ 3.45

Rougié was founded as a gourmet shop in 1875 by Léonce Rougié in Cahors. The expanding business later moved to Sarlat. Today Rougié is the world’s leading producer of foie gras and moulard duck specialties. Enjoy this delicious Duck and Pork Pate with Orange made by gently cooking delicately seasoned meat until tender, then pounding into a smooth paste.

  • Facts 2.8 oz. Product of Canada
  • Ingredients Duck meat, duck liver, pork, cream, whole liquid eggs, oranges, modified tapioca starch, onions, orange liquor, salt, whey protein concentrate, garlic, pepper, nutmeg, sodium erythorbate.