Darbo Wild Lingonberry Sauce 21.1 oz. (598 g)

by Darbo
$ 9.95

Since 1879, Darbo has been using old family recipes to create the best jams, honeys, and sauces. Their dedication to selecting the best ingredients is why Darbo’s Wild Lingonberry Sauce uses only the finest wildly grown Lingonberries in Scandinavia. This complex fruit is a combination of sweetness, tanginess and tartness and can enhance dishes from breakfast to dessert. It is traditionally served alongside roasted poultry, pork or wild game but is a delicious accompaniment to breakfast crepes or rich cheesecake. Darbo prides itself on their use of high quality ingredients which gives its products an “unmistakable taste”.

  • Facts: 21.1 oz. Product of Austria.
  • Ingredients: 55% Lingonberries, Sugar, Lemon juice concentrate, Gelling agent: pectin. Keep refrigerated after opening.