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Taste the goodness in every heavenly sip of Yoga fruit juice!

Fruit nectars have a very special place in Italians’ hearts. Nectar is a beverage, to put more accurately, puree, that is diluted with water according to your taste. Even though some might say that pure fruit juices are superior, Italians believe otherwise. They gladly favor nectars over any juice. With the growing popularity of this refreshing soft drink, Yoga fruit nectar has become the staple nectar brand throughout Italy. And for that reason, we at Yummy Bazaar have created a wonderful selection of Italy’s favorite Yoga Italian juice so that you can discover the freshest nectar to quench your thirst and taste all the heavenly flavors of Yoga nectar!

Yoga fruit juice filled with more than 40% fruit puree ensures that every sip will provide you with the most divine flavors and fill you up with energy. With over 70 years of experience, Yoga has become one of the leading Italian nectar brands that create juice full of vitamins and no added preservatives.

Italy’s top three fruit nectar flavors? Peach, pear, and apricot! All of these flavors have something in common - they are all incredibly juicy, filled with vitamins, and each sip brings you an unparalleled refreshing taste that cools you down even in the hottest days of summer!

Grab a cool, refreshing drink with Yoga peach nectar that features the satisfying taste of peaches in each sip. The glass packaging ensures to maintain the freshness and texture of this magical puree. Enjoy this juicy and sweet Italian peach nectar diluted with cold water on picnics, parties, and beach trips!

Want something sweeter? With a tad bit thicker consistency, Yoga apricot nectar takes the crown for being the best juice for enhancing the sweetness and texture of your desserts as well as enriching them with vitamins!

If pears are your favorite fruit and you’re looking for a more smooth and buttery texture along with sweet and sour flavors, we recommend you grab a bulk of Yoga pear nectar filled with pear puree.

Tip: Try using these delicious fruit nectars for adding to your desserts, cake mixes, and cocktails!

Where to buy Italian fruit nectars? Yummy Bazaar is the answer!

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