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Teleport yourself straight to Kyoto with a each sip of Yamashiro Uji Matcha green tea!

Green tea is certainly one of the most ubiquitous drinks in Japan - it’s loved and enjoyed all over the country, considered the most noble of beverages. The green tea leaves were first imported during the Kamakura Period from the 12th to 14th century, and started to become massively cultivated after the Zen priest, Eisai, introduced Zen Buddhism to Japan and suggested the Uji monks plant and grow them. Historically, Uji is one of the most unique tea-producing regions of Japan, where the practice of tea growing, processing, and trading has become the main deciding factor for Japanese tea connoisseurs. The great know-how of crafting the perfect cuppa is something Japan is very proud of, so to provide you with the most exquisite flavors that tea experts would absolutely enjoy, we at Yummy Bazaar have prepared a selection of superior Japanese matcha green tea by Yamashiro.

If you’re looking for the most superior version of green tea, then you absolutely should consider trying matcha green tea. While historically, its leaves were processed and prepared in China, some might argue that the artistry was perfected in Japan. Initially, the green tea was crafted by processing, steaming, and pressing the tea leaves into bricks and cakes, but powdered versions became popular after the introduction of the stone grinder. On our digital shelves, you will be able to get your hands on ideally ground Yamashiro Uji Kyoto matcha tea that’s perfect for enjoying along with a little snack or a cookie. If you’ve never tried Uji matcha green tea powder before, there are several ways you could incorporate it into your everyday diet. Of course, you can simply add a few teaspoons of this premium green tea powder into a mug and pour some hot water on top, but you could also incorporate it in your cooking and baking recipes. The possibilities are endless, so give this Yamashiro Uji matcha green tea powder a try and experience the most luxurious antioxidant-rich flavors of Premium matcha green tea.

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