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Freshen up with an ice-cold Chinese Sour Plum Drink on a hot summer day!

Have you ever heard of the Chinese Sour Plum Drink? Sounds like an odd little name, but it happens to be a commonly used translation of one of the most popular ancient Chinese drinks known as suanmeitang in Chinese. This traditional Chinese beverage has existed for over 1000 years, and in times when air-conditioning was simply nonexistent, it was and still is the ultimate thirst quencher that keeps everyone cool on a hot summer day. The currently used Sour Plum Drink recipe was developed during the Qing Dynasty, and at the time, this exquisite beverage was only served in the Imperial courts. Today, you can get your hands on a gorgeous bottle of our selected Xinyuanzhai Sour Plum Drink straight from China and enjoy all the intensely sweet and sour flavors traditionally consumed by the Chinese since even before the middle ages!

The bottle of Xinyuanzhai’s Chinese sour prune drink is truly a precious one, so it’s best to dilute the liquid with iced water so you can share it among your friends and family. This refreshing drink provides a memorable fruity flavor that will instantly get you hooked! But beware not to go overboard, since the sourness can be quite intense! There are several fun ways to enjoy this traditional Chinese delight. You can make some delicious slushies by simply freezing the suanmeitang and crushing the ice, or you could also try adding some plum drink ice cubes to a glass of diluted Sour Plum Drink so you can enjoy the full flavor without regular ice further watering down the taste of your refreshment. Get a bottle of this authentic juice and let the traditional Chinese juice cool you off on your hot summer days!

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