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Shop Swiss chocolate knives by Victorinox to keep happiness in your pocket at all times!

In 1891, Karl Elsner, founder of Victorinox, supplied the soldiers with what would soon become the most trusted tool for everyone around the world, Swiss army knives.  At that moment, one of the renowned companies on the world stage was born; however, we doubt Karl would have ever guessed that Victorinox would become so big, it would even test the waters of Chocolatier business. Nevertheless, we sure are grateful! Thanks to Gysi, Victorinox was able to craft one of the most unique treats of the choco-world: Swiss chocolate army knives!

The shape and package of the Victorinox Swiss knife chocolate flawlessly imitate the original Swiss army knife; however, the difference is easy to spot once you tear vibrantly red packaging and give the most luscious Swiss milk chocolate a generous bite! Infused with rich hazelnut, this beautiful Swiss army knife chocolate will be the perfect gift for any occasion. However, hunters and hikers will appreciate the delicious gesture even more - since the original army knife has become one of the staple utility gadgets since the late 1800s! And now, with this delightful gift, their adventures are bound to become even more exciting - well, luxurious hazelnut chocolate adds that unmatched pizzaz to everything!

You know, they say, good gifts are the ones that fit right into our everyday life AND pockets. And we think they mean Victorinox chocolate knife - the trusted companion, whether exploring a new city, hiking rocky mountains, or just binge-watching favorite TV shows! What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Victorinox chocolate knife and give your choco-lover friends the perfect gift!

Gysi Victorinox chocolate knife - deliciously different gift for all your chocoholic friends!

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The Victorinox chocolate knife can make your day with just a single bite – the sorcery of Swiss milk chocolate is unexplainable, nevertheless undeniable, and, oh, so indulgent! To get this luxurious delight delivered right to your front door, hit the order button, and sit back! We will ensure your goodies reach you as quickly as possible! Oh, and as a cherry on top, shipping will be free on orders over $69!