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Vichy for the stars: French Pastilles Online

Once upon a time, young gifted pharmacist Jean-Pierre Darcet visited Vichy, a small thermal city in France. After tasting the mineral waters, he got to think about the health benefits of bicarbonate of soda, the essential element in Vichy spa waters, and had a brilliant idea! You might be a little lost right now, thinking, what does this story have to do with anything? But gourmet geeks are probably having the time of their life right now! So anyway, we will be as quick as possible and get to the point, promise! In 1825 Jean-Pierre and his partners extracted gas from mineral water and did something unimaginably sweet! They turned that mineral water into a plain old throat lozenge that became so popular that French confectionery companies got the formula to manufacture and sell it as a delicious sweet treat that now is known as Vichy Pastilles!

After nearly 200 years from Jean-Pierre’s discovery, Vichy Candy Pastilles are still produced in Vichy, bursting with minerals from local water spas! If we’ve got you invested in the backstory of this legendary sweet and now are dying to try it, you can find it with us at Yummy Bazaar! Vichy mint candy is guaranteed to become your new guilty pleasure, with its velvety texture and strong minty aroma! This delightful French mint candy will be the perfect gift for your lovely French friends, too, if they’re craving some comfort snacks from home!

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