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If you’re looking for an instant remedy to your antsy caffeine craving, at Yummy Bazaar, we’ve curated a delicious collection of UCC Coffee. Usually, the speedy stuff tends to get a bad rep, but not canned UCC coffee from Japan. The brand pioneered the ready-to-drink beverage market and has set a record for the longest-selling canned coffee brand, too. The company has unlocked the true aroma of quality coffee by opening the first Japanese directly operated estate in the mountainous region of Jamaica for harvesting sought-after Blue Mountain coffee. However, UCC Coffee didn’t stop there: successfully opening another estate in Hawaii for sourcing Kona coffee made the company undisputed par excellence of ready-to-drink canned coffee. The unique Jamaican coffee variety produces one of the most expensive and rare beans in the world, loved for its unexpectedly bright aroma. As for Kona coffee from Hawaii, it carries notes of nuts and spices and delivers unique flavors. So, in a nutshell, UCC Coffee sources its raw materials straight from the coffee heaven!

Now that you know UCC Coffee only uses the crown jewel coffee beans to create ready-to-drink beverages, you can confidently scroll through our carefully curated selection of the brand and choose your new favorite pick-me-up elixir. We have selected various products to satisfy all coffee lovers. At Yummy Bazaar, you can buy mild, mocha, and special variety drip coffee blends from the Japanese brand, along with special 3-in-1 UCC coffee and traditional Sumiyaki Japanese-style coffee. However, for those looking for the fastest way to get the caffeine rush, in our digital aisle, you’ll meet instant coffee blends and, of course, iconic UCC canned coffee. You will also find a canned Kona blend with milk, a beloved drink that contains 10% (or more) authentic Kona coffee sourced from Hawaii. No matter which one you choose, just remember, UCC Coffee has been an everyday delight for years in Japan, and it can effortlessly become your mainstay, too.

Ready to Meet Japanese Canned Coffee?

At Yummy Bazaar, we’ve collected the best instant, canned coffee and Assam milk tea by iconic UCC Coffee, hailing from beautiful Japan. We think we’ve gathered a new favorite flavor for everybody in this collection. However, for more options, with us, you can always take a tour of our online coffee selection from around the world and explore!