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Bring an Italian Twist to All Your Favorite Dishes With Tutto Calabria!

Are you looking for a way to liven up your cooking and add a touch of spicy Italian flair to it? Then you have come to the right place! We have prepared a pungently delicious selection of Tutto Calabria products from Italy to instantly please your palate with spicy and sour flavors!

With over 50 years of experience, Tutto Calabria is one of the first Italian brands to produce Calabrian sauces, seasonings, and spices made with authentic Calabrian chili. Established in 1970, this brand symbolizes piquant Italian taste with a wide variety of products from spicy sauces and glazes to condiments and preserves. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or simply want to enjoy your favorite food with less effort & time, Tutto Calabria will elevate even the most ho-hum dishes!

Speaking of ho-hum dishes, nobody really enjoys plain pasta, right? The icon of Italian cuisine - pasta, needs a lot more than just a sprinkle of salt for flavor. The best way to make your pasta taste like a chef’s dream is to add some piquantly hot Tutto Calabria Italian chili paste! For all the spicy food lovers out there looking to add an irresistible heat to your pasta, salad, meat, or seafood, Crushed Calabrian chili pepper will make for an exceptionally hot, addictive, and vegetarian-friendly addition to just about anything.

Want to add some extra layer of traditional spice to your dish? Try the unique Calabrian Nduja sauce full of nuanced pork flavor and spice brought to you in a convenient form. Tutto Calabria has made sure to create an ideal Italian BBQ glaze filled with intense flavors ideal for fish, meat, and roasted potatoes for barbeque lovers! If you’re a real scorching spice lover, we absolutely recommend trying Calabrian chili pepper to experience that extra volcanic spice! We are well aware that not everybody can take the heat, and for those, we recommend adding a touch of a more balanced Calabrian chili sauce to veggies, toasts, and, you guessed it, pasta!

Tutto Calabria not only brings the spiciest Calabrian classics like chili pastes and sauces but also a wide variety of pickled delicacies! If you are looking to enhance your salad, try adding Italian artichokes pickled in extra virgin olive oil with herbs and spices for a bitter, nutty flavor. Italy’s most ubiquitous snacks are pickled olives that are definitely worth a try, especially with the tasty stuffings Tutto Calabria has to offer! Yet another excellent example of love and care this brand puts into creating traditional Calabrian products is briny and spicy Tutto Calabria anchovies and sweet and savory Italian dried tomatoes that make for a delicious snack ready to be enjoyed straight out of the jar with some crunchy focaccia and cheese of your choosing!

Hint: Try topping your pizza with Calabrian chili pepper and anchovies. This might seem like an odd combination, but anchovies add an addictively savory flavor to pizza and complement the hot pepper spice like nothing else, thanks to an extensive curing process.

Add a dash of Calabrian flavor with Tutto Calabria

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