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Discover the most delicious French baked treats - buy Traou Mad cookies online!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of snacking and enjoying delightfully sweet, perfect portioned baked treats? Cookies, right? Cookies are hands down one of the most enjoyable snacks that have been around since the 7th century, and the fact that we’ve kept them around for this long proves just how much we love and still enjoy them to this day. One problem that usually arises due to the popularity of these beautiful treats is that there are so many of them that choosing one becomes an impossible mission! To help you find some of the most delicious French cookies, whether you like them thin and crispy or fluffy and hearty, we have compiled a selection of Traou Mad cookies made in France!

What makes Traou Mad cookies so unique? They’re all made with local eggs, butter, and fine flour along with sugar to create the most refined, high-quality cookies, bursting with a rich, buttery flavor. With over 100 years of experience, this French pastry brand has genuinely mastered and found the secret to perfecting the simplest cookies. Founded in the small town of Pont-Aven in 1920, Traou Mad has been a symbol of quality & taste for more than a century, so their cookies are definitely worth a try!

So let’s start with the most authentic Traou Mad French cookies, shall we? Crispy, thin, light, and airy Traou Mad French galettes are the most balanced cookies that come perfectly pre-portioned! Not only are they ideal for incorporating into your balanced diet but also a great way to enjoy cookies on the go since they are individually packaged. If you’re looking for a cookie gift or simply prefer to have your beloved treats nicely packed in a cookie tin, you should check out boxed Traou Mad galettes de Pont-Aven with an eye-catching design! We know that you won’t get enough of these delightful snacks, so we made sure to include a box full of 48 French galettes so you are always prepared to fight those demanding cravings!

The ultimate breakfast cookie snack? The answer is undoubtedly Traou Mad crepe dentelle! Each crepe is composed of finely crispy, light, and golden layers. These delightfully buttery crepe dentelle cookies from Brittany are so light that they make for a perfect tea time and a late-night snack!

Do you prefer cookies on a more buttery, soft, and crumbly side? Traou Mad French butter cookies are here to save the day! Just like the galettes, these buttery French cookies are also individually wrapped so that you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime! If you want to always have your favorite treat around, or you’re looking for a gifting option, make sure to grab Buttery Traou Mad Breton pallets that come in a beautiful tin box packaging filled with 24 cookies.

Want to experience the most authentic, high-quality, sweet & sour French cookies? We have something exceptional to satisfy that craving! Made with high-quality French salted caramel, Traou Mad caramel butter cookies are bursting with addictive flavors. With its light, thin and crisp texture, French crepe dentelle cookies make for a balanced treat infused with butter and loaded with caramel chips. You will become addicted to this caramelly twist!

Enjoy Traou Mad cookies as a part of your breakfast, lunch, and even as little secret night snacks! You will become addicted, but it’s okay! They’re light, perfectly portioned, and, most importantly, balanced!

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