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If you're after exciting flavors, shop Taiwanese douhua online on Yummy Bazaar!

At Yummy Bazaar, we're firm believers in trying new things, living in the constant curiosity for life, a spirit of inquiry! That's why we take our time to research, collect and stock all of the unique, one-of-a-kind culinary delights from all over the world - to add little freshness and originality to your daily menus. And today, we're about to introduce you to one of the most moreish culinary ingredients from Taiwan, produced by one and only Tian Zhi Shan!

First off, we have the exquisite sweetener agent - Tian Zhi Shan rock sugar! Taiwanese rock sugar is a delightful way to sweeten all of your culinary creations and hot beverages! As you can already tell, it's made from large sugar crystals, ranging in color from white to eye-catching gold, ready to take their well-deserved special place in your kitchen. Well, reading this, you might be thinking: "what should I even do with this," however, rock sugar’s culinary uses have no end! Get cooking and substitute your white sugar with those chunks of sweetness! It has mellow, relatively subtle sweetening powers compared to ordinary sugar, and that's precisely what makes it stand out.

It's perfect for savory dishes: pho, your favorite stews & pasta, to name a few! Whenever you need to heighten the flavors of your meals, Taiwanese rock sugar is your go-to choice - it's the secret ingredient that balances out everything, even that crazy amount of salt you put in your stew, without looking. In addition to creating the most flavorful meals, you can use Taiwanese rock sugar to craft luscious staple sauces: from soy sauce to BBQ, it can do everything! And what we love the most about this delight is that it doesn't leave that cloying sweetness that almost stings your taste buds; rock sugar carries a pleasant, velvety sensation that seeps right into your taste buds. Once you hit the order button, you will know exactly what we mean!

What's next on our digital shelves? Tian Zhi Shan tofu pudding mix, or just douhua, is one of the most popular snacks in China! It's sweet, smooth like butter, and, oh, so indulgent you won't believe your taste buds. With our Taiwanese tofu pudding mix, making the perfectly soft douhua is like a walk in the park; just add warm soy milk or water, and voila, that's it! For the most authentic flavors, serve this delight with grass jelly or sweet red beans! Treat your taste buds to wholesome desserts as a hearty late-night snack that only takes you minutes to prepare!

Taiwanese rock sugar is here to rock your world with unique deliciousness!

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