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Start your day on the right foot! Make effortlessly delicious traditional Russian Oladi at home!

The idea of a perfect cozy weekend morning varies for many, but we at Yummy Bazaar are firm believers in a deliciously simple and preferably hassle-free breakfast as the best opening to a day filled with excitement and happiness. What’s the secret to a perfect Sunday morning - you might ask, and we are here to tell you that it can’t get any better than waking up to a sweet aroma of crispy Oladi sizzling in a pan ready to be enjoyed with fruits and berries or topped with a dollop of strawberry, plum, or cherry varenye. If you didn’t know already, Oladis are traditional Russian yeast pancakes characterized by an exquisitely fluffy, airy, and filling texture. They are an essential part of Russian culture and cuisine, often mentioned in folklore and stories. Even though Oladi pancakes have been popular in Russia for centuries upon centuries, for the longest time, they didn’t have any specific name. The legends say that only in the 19th century was it finally named Oladi - a name that stuck around to this day.

There are two variations of Russian pancakes, with one being the fluffy Oladi and the other being flat Blini. Both of them are traditionally served during the popular Russian holiday - Maslenitsa, a folk celebration at the beginning of spring. Generations of children grow up eating Oladi prepared by their precious grandmothers, aka Babushkas, and Testov Village Pancake mix will not only help you share in the experience, but it will also make you feel like a kid again! Made with a blend of white wheat flour, sugar, egg powder, yeast, and salt, this Russian Oladi mix will make your pancake-making experience as easy as it can possibly get. All you have to do is add some water, blend, and everything from then on is quite simply the same process as frying pancakes made from scratch. Whether you’d like to add some berries and fruits or drizzle your Oladi with a touch of traditional Russian varenye, this Testov pancake mix will be the perfect addition to your pantry for all your sweet morning cravings!

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