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Satisfy your sweet cravings with low-calorie fruity, drinkable jelly: Shop Japanese Tarami Konjac online!

Are you looking for the most refreshing, soft, and low-calorie Japanese treat to satisfy your sweet cravings? Then you have come to the right place! We’ve prepared a wonderful selection of Tarami Japanese Konjac jelly so you can sip on some deliciously sweet Konjac jelly and enjoy this delectable treat anywhere you go!

Tarami Konjac jelly has been around in Japan since 1969. With its primary focus on eco-friendly production, Tarami continues to expand its brand while providing luscious fruit-flavored jelly treats with a hint of konjac to 30 countries around the world. Come with us on a journey of satisfyingly gooey, chewy, and juicy konjac jelly and discover the most beloved snacks from Japan!

Tarami fruit jelly is characterized by a pleasing texture that can instantly get you hooked! With its low-calorie content of just under 50 calories, this Japanese treat can make for an amazing snack to enjoy at any time of the day. What makes the Tarami Konjac jelly line so unique? Not only does Tarami provide you with the most exquisite fruity flavors straight out of a convenient and perfectly sealed packaging, but also a touch of rich-textured Japanese konjac as the main ingredient for the ultimate juiciness.

Now let’s get to the real deal here; we all love some good apples, right? Well, to experience all the flavors of this beloved fruit, make sure to grab a pack of Tarami Konjac apple jelly made with apple juice and konjac power. The sweetness of apples, along with the perfectly gooey and soft texture of jelly, will absolutely amaze you! Of course, if you’d like something that’s more citrusy and you love the taste of mangos, make sure to try Tarami Konjac mango jelly. Brought to you in a convenient sprout, these juicy jellies will provide you with the simplest grab-and-go flavors that will not disappoint!

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