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Buy Tanaka furikake seasoning online and banish bland food from your kitchen for good!

Furikake is a traditional Japanese dry seasoning, typically made out of dried fish, seaweed, sesame seeds, sugar, salt, and other aromatic ingredients that vary from one version to the next. It’s at its best when used as a flavoring for cooked rice, vegetables, or fish (but, of course, as always, you can find as many creative uses for it as your inner professional chef desires).

By combining the most explosive aromas, furikake manages to be one of the most recognizable tastes in Japanese cuisine, not to mention one of the essentials as well. And while blending all of the ingredients on your own might be a pretty daunting task, with a bit of help from Tanaka, you won’t have to worry about any of it!

If you happen to love your sweet and savory pairings, our plum furikake seasoning is precisely what you’ve been looking for! A single packet in your pantry is all you need to envelop your rice dishes in the most exquisite flavors of sweet and tangy plum paste, savory seaweed, and earthy undertones of radish leaf. So, it’s safe to conclude that making this stunning Tanaka furikake your pantry staple is pretty much a no-brainer!

Up for making some utterly perfect onigiri? The recipe might be straightforward enough but getting the correct flavors is still not as easy as it might seem (and it doesn’t even seem all that easy, to begin with!). Or, to be more specific, it’s not easy unless you’ve got a spare packet or two of Tanaka’s Japanese furikake seasoning with salmon and Wakana lying around! The addition of salmon takes this incredible seasoning to the level of a culinary masterpiece and makes it an absolute essential that your kitchen should never go without! Just add a dash to your onigiri rice, and every flavor you’ve been needing will miraculously appear in the dish!

So peruse our colorful selection of furikake seasoning by Tanaka and discover your perfect matches! One bite is all it takes for you to completely fall in love with these glorious aromas!

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