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Taiwanese food is some of the tastiest on the planet, and it's become one of the more influential cuisines in the U.S. as food and drink like boba, Taiwanese bakeries, and restaurants serving lu rou fan have spread across major metro areas. Even smaller cities often have cafés serving boba and appetizers like fried tofu, and Taiwanese and Pan-Asian markets are becoming easier to find in most states. But not all states, unfortunately, and many smaller cities still don't have the resources you might want if you miss the food brands you used back in Taiwan. Whether you're Taiwanese yourself, a former expat, or just someone who really likes Taiwanese culture, being able to see those familiar labels can be comforting. Yummy Bazaar has what you're looking for!

The selection in our online Taiwanese grocery store is vast. It's one of our larger sections, and you can find just about anything non-perishable here that you can at a brick-and-mortar store, from pickled vegetables and fermented tofu to those I Mei crackers and cookies you love. In fact, if you miss the long aisles of snacks that you find in physical stores, check out our Taiwanese snack category. We've got sun cakes and a good assortment of Nice Choice brand filled cakes, including pineapple, black sesame, mango, and even blueberry. And if you like those nata de coco lychee jelly cups, Hanshou Foods' version is available in our store, too.

If savory snacks are more your style, try Fuji's ready-to-eat eggs, in soft-boiled, tea, and spicy varieties. Get some Wong Chai Chi or Triko dried peas, or try I Mei's multigrain crackers. If you really want stand-out spice, Triko's Ultra Spicy Peanuts may just be the treat for you. Are you a shellfish fan? Hwa Yuan's cuttlefish chips  or Lian Hwa's lobster-flavored fries could stave off hunger. And don't forget those Taiwanese specialties from U.S. brands, including Lay's chips in nori, spicy roasted seaweed, and spicy chili flavors, as well as Doritos spicy nacho, Thai pepper, and "nacho cheesier" varieties.

It wouldn't be a Taiwanese market without noodles, and we carry Hon's Dry Noodles, He Fong, and Old Pot Rice Noodles for your noodle cravings. Wu-Mu noodles are also available, and this is one of the more voluminous categories in our online Taiwanese market. Not only can you find ramen in both flavored and plain versions -- and that includes Taiwanese-cut plain ramen noodles -- but you'll also find soba, somen, and udon.

Choose from sauces from companies like Kimlan and Ming Teh. AGV citrus chili sauce can perk up a meal, and the selection of hot sauces lets you create dishes for every spice tolerance level.

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