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Give modernized tradition a taste: Taisun’s at Yummy Bazaar!

Established in 1950, Taisun is one of the leading Taiwanese brands in food, particularly the canned dessert market! Award-winning Taiwanese brand started off by producing salad oil, but pretty soon, thanks to the rapid growth in popularity, Taisun set out towards the goal of modernizing traditional tastes, and we’re glad that It succeeded! Today Taisun produces dozens of different tasty, premium quality products that we’re proud to present to you on our digital shelves! If you’re looking for something sweet and delicious to kickstart your successful day, just browse our tasty selection of legendary Taisun!

At Yummy Bazaar, you’ll find a famous tasty delicacy - Taisun mixed congee, created in 1986; Taisun constantly updates the formula for maximum flavor and aroma! Made from eight different grains, congee is the yummy and versatile option for a quick and hearty breakfast. Easy to customize, you can pair this flavorful congee with nearly everything your heart desires: fresh fruits with a delicious drizzle of honey on top or even pork floss for contrasting aromas! If you’re looking for something sweeter to start your day with, try Taisun mixed congee with Okinawa brown sugar that easily passes as the ultimate dessert on demand! For sultry summer days, you must try this mouthwateringly tasty and refreshing Taisun mixed grain cereal! Enjoy this cereal mix with cold milk, and it will instantly become your new favorite of the season!

Speaking of breakfast, we also offer traditional options like Taisun Oatmeal with Chestnut. Filled with chunky roasted chestnuts, it’s the perfect ready-to-serve meal; it’s incredibly convenient for a quick lunch at work! If you’re not a big fan of cereal but still would like to enjoy that nutty flavor, we also happen to have Taisun sweet mung bean soup, super-easy to prepare; you can enjoy this soup instantly at any time of the day!

Speaking of tasty breakfast, we can’t forget about the delicious, refreshing drinks to top it all off, can we? On our digital shelves, you can find different kinds of the most enlivening Taisun drinks flavors! One of our favorites is the tastiest Taisun winter melon drink. The subtle sweetness makes it the perfect drink of choice to pair with any meal! When chilled, it’s the secret weapon to beat the summer heat! You must get your hands on Taisun Lychee Drink with Coconut Jelly as well if you love tropical flavors! Bursting with luscious lychee juice, it also contains Nata jelly chunks, so it feels like a full-body sensory experience!

At Yummy Bazaar, we also carry a unique product line of Grass Jelly! Explicitly designed for chasing away the dog days, this cold dessert is a perfect choice for every dessert lover! With us, you can shop the classic Taisun grass jelly drink or choose bolder flavors for your palate. Everyone raves about the Taisun banana grass jelly drink, so it’s a must-try! This jelly dessert has a bittersweet taste that will immediately wake you up on your groggy days! Enjoy chilled with ice, or mix it with your bubble tea! Your options are limitless with Taisun!

Sweet, tasty, and light: Shop Taisun desserts on Yummy Bazaar!

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