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T.K Foods will bring the traditional Taiwanese flavors to your kitchen!

Established in 1979, T.K. Food has been one of the leading brands not only in Taiwan but in Asia! Renowned for its traditional recipes and beloved flavors, T.K. cookies are an international culinary wonder that deserves a special place on your cookie shelf! So, if you're up for giving new, irreplaceable flavors a try, peruse our delicious collection of Taiwanese cookies, and treat yourself to superior tastes!

T.K. Food sweet potato cookies are the absolute best if you're someone who can appreciate delicate flavors. Made from the highest quality flour and eggs, these slightly purple yam cookies are extra crispy and crunchy! So, you can try prettifying them with delicious fruit jam or acacia honey and topping your delightful spread with fresh berries! Trust us; there's no better way to enjoy these cookies!

On our digital shelves, you can also get your hands on varieties of unique T.K. Food egg yolk cookies! We're sure Egg yolk cookies with black peppercorn have already caught your eye! What can we say, that the heart knows what it wants! Salty egg yolk cookies are flaky but, at the same time, unbelievably buttery treats filled with eggy undertones! Black peppercorn adds exciting heat to the flavor, so with just the first bite, these T.K. cookies will blow your mind AND taste buds!

And if you think peppercorn is too much to handle in a cookie, then you can play it safe with classic T.K. Food Salty Yolk Cookies - delicate sweetness with a pinch of salt! Flaky texture complimented with traditional Taiwanese taste is bound to become your new comfort snack. So, what are you waiting for? Add it to your cart, and let's move on to the next culinary artifact!

If you want to give Taiwanese flavors a fair chance, T.K. Food black sesame cookies should be on your list of must-try snacks! These delightful puff pastries are studded with black sesame seeds that give a unique texture to each biscuit! Also, they're individually wrapped, so it's perfect for keeping it nearby: in your bag, in your car, and even in your work-snack drawer! But, make sure you double your order cause your coworkers might want a taste of these extremely aromatic one-of-a-kind treats!

Your new comfort cookies are on the way: Browse the T.K Food cookies collection and choose your favorite flavor!

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