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Shop Surig German vinegar online: the ultimate mainstay in every kitchen!

What?! Pickle season is approaching?! You don’t need to worry about anything! At Yummy Bazaar, we have got you covered! With us, you can pickle all year round because, on our digital shelves, you can get your hands on all of the main ingredients for making extra delicious veggie preserves whenever you want! So, browse seasoning blends, exquisite herbs for flavor enhancement & brine essentials with us and choose your favorites!

Today, we’re going to share the secret to the perfect brine for any pickle jar! German vinegar by Surig is one of the best when it comes to pickling vegetables or herring! In our collection, you’ll be able to find Surig’s concentrated, aka “spirit” vinegar! Surig concentrated vinegar is bursting with every flavor of a whopping 28% of concentrated vinegar, making it the perfect candidate for pickling your kimchi and cucumber dill pickles! Once diluted with white wine, sherry, or even water, this Surig Essig-Essenz will add a little bit of edge to even your meals, but keep in mind, just a drizzle of this Surig vinegar will be plenty!

With Surig, following this simple rule is more than enough: mix ⅓ water with ⅔ vinegar, and your pickle brine is well-balanced and ready to go! Get your veggies, and stock up your shelves with winter preserves! Easy as ABC, right?! However, if you’re feeling up to the challenge, then we have got an intriguing idea: try pickling herring slices! Cure herring with salt, extract water, and brine sliced in vinegar, salt, and sugar solution! Don’t hesitate to add fresh herbs in the jar, for that extra flavorful vibrance!

Stock up on Surig vinegar and be prepared for pickling season!

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