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Shop for your favorite childhood memories, get your hands on Toffifay chocolate biscuits on Yummy Bazaar!

Today we’re about to bring back the brightest flavor of your childhood - yummy Toffifay chocolate made by one and only Storck! With nearly 50 years of experience, Toffifay is one of a kind confectionery brand focused on delivering the cheeriest sensory experience of your life! Enjoyed in over a hundred countries worldwide, Toffifay is now at Yummy Bazaar, waiting to become your new-old obsession! To explore delicious flavors, you just have to peruse the delightful collection of Toffifay chocolate candy and choose your favorites!

We have to start with the classic combination - Toffifay with Hazelnut and caramel cream combo is the one that’s going to free your inner child! Each adorable piece of this Toffifay candy contains the crunchiest hazelnut, coated with creamy, rich caramel and nougat! And if that wasn’t enough: everything is prettified with rich layers of yummy chocolate! Explicitly made to satisfy any kind of sweet cravings, Storck chocolate with hazelnut & caramel cream is bound to become your favorite me-time snack when you’re feeling in need of some joy! Keep these travel-friendly delicious caramel cups around, or feel free to store them in your work drawer for a quick pick-me-up!

You must get your hands on Toffifay with dark chocolate, too - sharp, cheerful, and remarkably indulgent! Within this treat, delightful sweetness and heavenly texture are accompanied by rich dark chocolate, bringing the boldest flavors to an already delicious festival! Ideal for every occasion, we like to pair Storck dark chocolate with hazelnut & caramel cream with our morning cup of strong Americano coffee - the ultimate wake-up technique! For even more deliciousness: pair these Toffifay delights with a hot chocolate drink and double the decadence!

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