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Become addicted to the perfectly crunchy French potato chips - shop Sibell online!

Are you a huge potato chip fanatic? How could you not be? A heavenly slice of potato baked or deep-fried until crunchy and served as a popular snack as well as a side dish can literally make your day, but what's the real catch? It's delicious, satisfyingly crunchy, and highly addictive when it's exquisitely delicious. There are so many tempting potato chips varieties, but nothing can top the authentic baked Sibell potato chips made with traditional French ingredients, no preservatives, colorings, or palm oil. Keep on reading and discover the best snacking options from a brand with over 60 years of experience satisfying the deepest snack cravings with French quality!

Let's start with something very classic and simple. Of course, we're not going to go as simple as offering you some plain potato chips, but we are sure you're going to be delighted by Sibell Emmental Cheese potato chips with an aromatic cheesy scent and flavor. These French chips will instantly melt on the tongue with their buttery texture and bring a burst of rich cheesy flavors to your taste buds. The special twist on this classic potato chip flavor? The Emmental cheese used for crafting this crispy snack originates from France.

Are you a true cheese potato chip connoisseur who wants to experience the rich French cheese flavors? You will definitely like the more solid yet still buttery flavor of Sibell French mountain cheese potato chips made with Alpine cheese from France! Enjoy these naturally crisp potato chips as a quick crunchy snack or pair with sour cream. They will taste scrumptious regardless!

We are not done with the cheesy flavors; we simply have to include uniquely delicious, spicy, and cheesy Sibell goat cheese with espelette peppers chips! Sure, goat cheese might sound like an odd cheese variety, but it's prevalent in France thanks to its tangy and earthy flavors, and we don't recommend missing out on this masterpiece unless you can't take the mild heat from pungently luscious espelette pepper seasoning!

Nothing screams' French cuisine' like the famed mixture of Provencal herbs - herbes de Provence. Our curated selection of French potato chips would not be complete without Sibell Herbs de Provence potato chips bursting with spicy and salty flavors from the Mediterranean cuisine!

Looking to experiment? Look no further! You will be surprised to hear about an odd mix of sweet honey and pungent mustard, and Sibell Chips Craquantes will definitely bring a flavor full of warm spice rounded with sweetness. With its ideal crunchiness, unique ridged surface, and boat shape, this bag of Sibell mustard and honey potato chips will make for a fun and delicious snack that's quite unique in its own way.

Still haven't found your favorite? You will simply not be able to resist classically pungent, salty, and crispy Sibell garlic and olive potato chips. If you've tasted the garlic chips, you probably know how nutty, garlicky and toasty they are, but a touch of olive flavor adds wonders that will rock your world!

We're not done yet, we've saved the most unusual potato chip flavor for last, and we can assure you that it's a lot more elegant than most chips out there. What's this exceptional snack? We can proudly say Sibell Cep mushroom potato chips are some of the most unique French potato chips made with Cep mushrooms from France. Don't miss out on these mouthwatering snacks: feed your cravings and enjoy!

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