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Shippams salmon paste - stellar addition to your culinary staples!

Born in 1786, Shippams came a long way to develop and advance production methods and flavors they offer to their loyal customers! Being one of the leading brands of the UK food market, Shippams prides itself on its tireless efforts and abilities to source only premium quality ingredients, to craft the finest condiments, meat preserves, and ready-to-eat meals! And when we say the brand sources only the finest ingredients, we mean that Shippams regularly traveled the world to import unmatched quality goods necessary to craft signature taste! Unfortunately, in 1974 it marked the end of Shippams as an independent company and solely a national treasure - the family-owned brand was bought by an American food company. However, they still keep producing their signature goods and with Yummy Bazaar, everything is possible! That’s why on our digital shelves, you will be able to spot classic Shippams delights, waiting to upgrade your pantry arsenal!

With us, you can get your hands on Shippam’s classic salmon spread, a luscious salmon paste that’s guaranteed to become your new obsession! This salmon paste jar is bursting with a delicious flavor combination: the finest quality minced salmon is mixed with tomato puree, rusks, vinegar, and a drizzle of lemon. Now tell us, and be honest, that this flavorful festival doesn’t make your mouth water just by imagining the taste of this fish paste spread embellishing your quick warm toast when you’re on the go!

The fresh salmon flavor will perfectly pair with your favorite stir-fries; round them up to shape little balls, and let them soak away the delicious wok. This versatile fish paste can easily be used as the creamiest topping sauce for your noodles, stews, or even salads, too; the choice is all yours! However, even after simply spreading a thick coat of this salmon delight on your favorite crackers, you will be amazed how moreish the straightforward salmon paste can taste! Experiment confidently with Shippams salmon spread; there are no irreparable mistakes in the kitchen (and even if there are, they usually make the best stories)!

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