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Introducing the backbone of Japanese Cuisine: Power of Instant dashi powder!

When speaking of Japanese cuisine, the first thing that comes to (nearly) everyone’s mind is sushi, but there’s so much more to this magnificent culinary world! That’s why, today, we’re going to introduce you to the hidden Japanese gems that are just as delicious and delectable as sushi! We’d like to talk about Japanese dashi, a family of traditional broth that serves as a backbone to many other signature Japanese dishes, like okonomiyaki or takoyaki! And with the help of Shimaya bonito soup stock, cooking these will feel like child’s play!

Dashi is an unbelievably simple but essential broth made by combining edible kelp and fish flakes called katsuobushi, and bringing them to boil. With Shimaya bonito dashi stock, making dashi will only take you 10 minutes. Bursting with umami flavor, this skipjack tuna stock powder will instantly bring the scent of authentic Japanese cuisine into your kitchen and fill up the room with a tasty aroma! This dashi powder has that universal taste to give indispensable touches to your miso soup, tempura dipping, or delicious udon!

You should also try Shimaya kombu dashi powder for a little more pop of flavor. This delicious instant stock powder adds a pleasant taste of seaweed and some ocean aroma to your soups! You can also try making miso paste with it; trust us, it will become your new secret weapon for mastering Japanese cuisine! Kombu dashi powder tastes just as good as homemade dashi stock, but don’t take our word for it, give Shimaya powder a taste yourself and be ready to fall in love!

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