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It’s time for real authentic Pizza: Shop Selezione Casillo flour!

People like to debate whether pineapples belong on pizza or not, but today we want to ask a real, life-changing question - is it even a pizza if it’s not made from Italian pizza flour? Yeah, think about this for a minute - the dough is the essential component of making a delicious pizza, and it needs special attention, right?! Of course, all-purpose flour will work just fine if you’re making bread with yummy toppings...But for authentic Italian pizza, you’ll need flavorful Selezione Casillo pizza flour - coming to rescue straight from Italy!

At Yummy Bazaar, you’ll find tasty Selezione Casillo Farina 00, made especially for making perfect pizza dough that guarantees perfect chew, fluffy crust, and delicate texture! Season it according to your taste, give your dough at least 14 hours raise, and share the best pizza you’ve ever made with your loved ones. For reminder: don’t forget to measure your flour; you can never be too careful! Accuracy makes everything perfect. So, get your scale, and let’s get to cooking!

Ground from durum wheat, this Selezione Casillo flour will help you master any kind of pasta, gnocchi, and Italian bread too. High in protein, durum wheat pasta has an incredible texture! Your homemade Italian delights will taste so delicious and perfectly chewy that all of your friends will be asking for your secret ingredient!

Oh, and nearly forgot: this Italian flour comes in a 2.2 lbs. package, which means you can treat yourself to homemade pizza every other day for a whole month! Now, this is the dream!  

Let’s cook something Italian with Selezione Casillo!

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If you’re thinking about ordering pizza tonight, don’t! What can be better than homemade authentic Italian pizza, maybe Neapolitan style even! Gather your family and friends in your kitchen, and let’s get cooking the most delicious pizza of your life! Order Selezione Casillo premium pizza flour, and we will deliver your order before you can find your apron! For an additional surprise, on orders over $59, we will do so free of charge!