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For the ultimate English breakfast, shop Scott's porage oats online!

Do you also get that comforting feeling after finishing up your cherished food, when it leaves you all warmed up with joy and soothing sentiments like you've entered your dream world where everything is fine?! Unfortunately, the sad realization hits you after you notice - your plate is clean as a whistle, and it’s time to go back to reality. We're almost too confident - you've got your comfort food, too, that makes you feel the exact same way. However, if you don't, no need to feel left out - at Yummy Bazaar, we're motivated to help you discover it. To give each and every one of our loyal customers the most wholesome culinary experience is our one true goal! If we have learned a thing or two from being in a culinary world, it’s that comfort food doesn't necessarily have to be luxurious or something fancy you occasionally treat yourself to. Quite the opposite - it's the safe place, or should we say plate - where you know what to expect, and you love every bite of it! We think Scott's original porage oats are one of those meals that will instantly charge you with soothing comfort and set you for the day; what do you think?

Scotts Porage Oats has been delivering the tastiest breakfast option to all of the United Kingdom since 1880 - there's a good chance that you know one or two long-term admirers of their Scottish porridge oats; it's been a staple for over 140 years! No one knows the secret of original porage oats; however, we want to guess and say it's those moreish thickly rolled oats that are delicately kilned to maintain the purest taste. You can cook Scott's oats in the microwave or on the stovetop; add milk, season it however you like, and let the magic happen! Don't be mistaken; it's not like your ordinary morning cereal, and don't ever dare to tell that to any of your English friends. Scott's porridge is a lively start for your day that's guaranteed to keep you full till lunch. Pair it with a warm glass of milk or your go-to cup of coffee, and face the day filled with energy!

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