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Lingonberry Jam by Felix, 10 oz (283 g)
Nyakers Pepparkakor Swedish Gingersnaps, 1.7 lb (750 g)
Nyakers Pepparkakor Gingersnaps, 1.7 lb (750 g)
Nyakers Lemon Cookies 12.3 oz. (350g)
Nyakers Oat Crisp Cookies 11.6 oz. (330g)

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The Tastes of Scandinavia

Scandinavia, land of icy cold waters, fabulous fjords, and the gorgeous spectacle of the Northern Lights. This European region is also the home of comforting and delicious Scandinavian foods.

How many of the unique tastes of Scandinavia do you remember from your childhood or world travels? Maybe you're new to the cuisine and are eager to experiment. In either case, our Scandinavian collection is the place to start! We have uniquely Scandinavian products like arrack punsch extract, smoked cod liver, Swedish rye crispbread, and salty licorice.

Fish cakes in general are delicious but have you ever enjoyed a cod roe cake? Torskerogn is pressed cod roe. Just slide it out of the can, slice it, and fry it in butter until golden. Serve with boiled potatoes and pickled red cabbage or beets for a true Scandinavian treat! Sunnmore also makes the brined fish balls beloved by so many Norwegians.

What Scandinavian meal is complete without berries? Hafi produces all of your favorites, from lingonberry jam (essential with Swedish meatballs!) to Arctic cloudberry preserves with their strawberry/peachiness to the enticing fruitiness of elderflower syrup.

Many Scandinavian snacks begin with crispbreads as the base. Swedish rye crispbreads topped with butter, cream cheese, fruit jam, cheese, cured meats, or sardines are popular throughout the day. They have the perfect texture for standing up to loads of toppings! Wholegrain rye makes brown baked crispbread the perfect base for spicy Swedish mustard and sliced hardboiled egg.

Nyakers is your source for Scandinavian treats of all kinds! This Swedish company specializes in cookies, and they definitely know their way around a baking pan! From different gingersnap flavors (lemon or blue cheese, anyone?) to crunchy, not too sweet oat crisps to addictively bittersweet almond cakes, there's a taste and texture for every palate.

Try cardamom cookies for a true taste of Swedish baking. Cardamon has a memorable and complex flavor profile that's similar to ginger, cloves, and cinnamon all rolled into one. Fair warning: These uniquely delicious cookies are as addictive as potato chips!

If you'd like to share your love for Scandinavian food, what better way than with a beautifully decorated gift tin filled with fragrant gingersnaps? These crisp, award-winning gingersnap cookies are a perfect introduction to the joys of all things Scandinavian! Better yet, take a large tin of gingersnaps to the office break room or a party to spread the joy even further.

Looking for something sweet that's a bit chewier than cookies? Scandinavians love their licorice and we have lots to choose from. Sweet, salty, anise, or strawberry-flavored, we have all that you can chew!

Your Online Scandinavian Food Store

Have you been wondering where to buy authentic Scandinavian food? Well, wonder no more! At Yummy Bazaar, you'll find a Scandinavian grocery store at your fingertips. We have many of the traditional tastes of Scandinavia that you love. Enjoy our easy ordering process, fantastic customer service, and delivery right to your door when you order your Scandinavian favorites here at Yummy Bazaar!