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Scamorza Cheese, A Traditional Italian Semi-Soft Cheese

Scamorza is one of the famous Italian Pasta Filata cheeses made with cow’s milk. Pasta Filata is a stretched-curd cheese made by kneading fresh cheese curds that have matured in hot whey until they’re soft and chewy.

Scamorza cheese is separated into two categories: Scamorza Bianca, or regular white Scamorza, and Scamorza Affumicata, the smoked Scamorza.

Scamorza Bianca is a young and fresh white cheese, similar to Mozzarella cheese in texture (though it contains less moisture). It’s matured for only two weeks and has a soft, stretchy, elastic texture. However, its taste is more robust and piquant, with noticeable sourness along with milky and creamy flavor notes.

Scamorza Affumicata, or smoked Scamorza has a darker rind but pale interior. Its flavor is more complex than regular Scamorza: sharper and saltier, but also sweeter and with a distinct smokey undertone.

Scamorza is one of the most versatile Italian cheeses. It is often used as a substitute for Mozzarella in traditional recipes when the chef wants to give their dish a more unique cheesy flavor.

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