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Expand your culinary horizons with Savini Tartufi truffle sauces & spreads from Italy!

The biggest antique secret treasure hidden in the ground and contemplated as the food of the gods is, you guessed it, the real gold of food - truffles! This magical potato-like mushroom has been the king of Italian cuisine since the middle ages. What’s the real catch? Truffles are extremely hard to find and can only be cultivated in certain seasons. Collecting those little diamonds is also very hard and can only be done through the help of trained dogs, making these golden mushrooms one of the most expensive foods out there. So if you want to get a taste of luxury and flavor, keep on reading!

Italy is where you can find one of the most luxurious and unique truffles, like black and white truffles. So that being said, we, at Yummy Bazaar, have prepared you Italy’s beloved brand Savini Tartufi selection of truffle sauces and spreads to help you turn any dish into a culinary masterpiece.

With over 100 years of experience, Savini Tartufi has become an important qualitative landmark in the world of truffles. Founded in the Tuscany region of Italy in 1920, Savini has truly mastered the art of finding the best truffles and creating the most delicious truffle products that add an Italian soul to any pantry.

Every Italian household has these three items: pasta, olive oil, and salt for that Italian chef sprinkle. And, of course, if you want your pantry essentials to taste more like Italian truffles, Savini has a variety of options for you.

Want to make a truly Italian pasta dish? Our selection of Savini Tartufi truffle pasta will sure help you with that! For a more delicate, egg-based traditional pasta, try Tagliolini egg pasta with truffle flavor, but if you want something even more truffly, then Savini’s Pici pasta with truffles is your best choice! Make sure to top your pasta with an extra truffly splash of Savini Tartufi cream with truffles!

For the most decadent addition to your salads, appetizers, and even pizza, try Savini Tartufi truffle oil. Savini brings you two of the most exquisite options: black truffle olive oil with a subtle earthy flavor as well as white truffle olive oil for that savory, pungent and subtle flavor.

Need some premium salt? Savini Tartufi sea salt with black truffle combination brings two of the most luxurious Mediterannean ingredients to your kitchen! For the most delicious and unique rice dishes, try Savini Tartufi truffle rice with truffle, add a touch of Savini Tartufi butter with black truffle, mix and sprinkle it up with some Savini Tartufi truffle seasoning. It will taste like truffle heaven!

If you want to try something totally unique, Savini Tartufi truffle flavored peaches make for a beautiful addition to your charcuterie board, salads, and sliced beef. For a combination of savory and sweet flavors, we absolutely recommend trying Savini Tartufi dried figs and honey with truffle. It’s a heavenly condiment that will harmoniously complement your pancakes!

For the most versatile, spicy, and delicious truffle flavor, incorporate Savini Tartufi spicy olive pate with truffles in your appetizers, pasta, and rice dishes. If you want your truffles to be sliced and ready to go on salads, steaks, and omelets, you will never go wrong with Savini Tartufi black summer truffles!

Fill up your pantry with Italian Savini Tartufi truffles from Yummy Bazaar

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