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Sauer Frau is serious about her Sauerkraut, and you should be, too!

Upon hearing Sauerkraut, people usually think of vegetables or condiments; there is no in-between and no overlap whatsoever! Honestly, there is not much difference since Sauerkraut is made with cabbage and salt. So, it’s just liquid salty cabbage; you might be thinking. That’s where you are wrong, fortunately! Its culinary powers lay beyond all of your expectations; trust us, there’s much more to it than meets the eye! Sauerkraut is the wonder-condiment, reigning supreme when transforming even the most leisurely quick lunches into exquisite flavorful experiences - watch out, mustard, you’ve got yourself a well-deserved competitor. And, if you’re looking for ways to add an abundance of probiotics to your daily menu, Sauerkraut is your go-to choice. To explore all of the flavors available to add little pizazz to your meals, peruse our collection of Sauer Frau sauerkraut, and order your favorites!

With Sauer Frau, you can add a little bit of character to your breakfasts, lunch, AND even dinners; want to know how? Let’s dive deep into the Sauer world! On Yummy Bazaar’s digital shelves, you will be able to get your hands on Sauer Frau Classic sauerkraut. The vibrantly green squeezy bottle is the perfect example of how only the greats get called classic - it’s a perfectly balanced, flavorful treat, ready to take its earned place at your table. It’s what you expect from this luscious condiment and a little bit more - pair it with scrambled eggs or your favorite breakfast protein option, and you will be set for the day.

Now, what do we have for a quick lunch? Well, Sauer Frau Bavarian sauerkraut is here to liven up your taste buds with sweet undertones! This mildly luscious perfection is irresistible as a condiment, topping for your green salad, or even a stand-alone dish. However, our favorite way to enjoy it is pairing it with egg salad with yummy cheese, spicy salami, and maybe throw in your favorite veggies, too. You might be needing to take a long office break to conquer this delectable creation. However, hearty lunches are the best way to boost work performance!

And, finally, it’s time to end the day with the luscious culmination - Sauer Frau craft beer mustard serves flavor and fun at the same time! Blended with craft beer mustard and Belgian style ale, the Sauerkraut is not one to disappoint. Give a new life to yesterday’s soup, or prettify your baked potatoes with the most tempting topping sauce; no matter what, Sauer Frau sauerkraut will have no trouble striking your fancy! Delivering marvelous complexity to your taste buds, this craft beer concoction is an actual work of culinary art, guaranteed to take its well-deserved place on your dinner table!

Condiment for all: authentic German flavors of Sauerkraut made in the USA!

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