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The beautiful culinary art form of preserving delicious vegetables certainly deserves greater appreciation from us, foodies! We think the reason for its underrated popularity must be the complex process of canning! It’s not rocket science, but it DOES take a lot of time for brine mixture to simmer down; if you want your veggies to stay extra crispy, flavorful, and safe, you have to keep in mind the temperature and strictly monitor it; It’s just too time-consuming!

Although, with Yummy Bazaar, it doesn’t have to be too much hassle! We have a fuss-free surprise for you; on our digital shelves, you will find Taiwanese brittle cucumbers and many more exquisitely tasty canned vegetables made by Sauce Co. With over 70 years of experience producing the most delicious fermented & canned products in Taiwan, satisfaction is guaranteed!

Let’s start with the superstar of the collection - Sauce Co. bamboo shoots; the magical power to instantly enhance the flavors of whatever you have planned for dinner is given when you add these Taiwanese baby bamboo shoots to your meal! This delicious blend of chili oil and baby bamboo shoots carries a subtle earthy flavor, with the delicate touch of a nutty undertone so that you can use it as a condiment or even a topping for your salads! Crisp but mild, bamboo shoots are widely popular in the Naga cuisine, so if you’re a big fan of Indian culinary masterpieces, you must get your hands on Sauce Co. jarred bamboo shoots!

Once you give a taste to Naga-style fried chicken with rich bamboo shoots, you will come back for more savory snacks! And we will be waiting for you, with open arms, holding the most snackable Taiwanese salted cucumbers! Trust us; Sauce Co. salted cucumbers are not like your ordinary cucumbers! Perfectly salty, super crunchy, and fresh cucumbers will become your new obsession! Dangerously addictive on their own, we advise you to save these for your charcuterie board; it will be the perfect appetizer for any party!

Made from Tianjin spiny cucumbers, marinaded brittle cucumbers are crispy, refreshing, and absolutely perfect for the summer heat. Give Sauce Co. brittle cucumbers a try and taste for yourself! Pair it with roasted meat, or use it to craft a balanced sandwich! Shop now and get your order delivered before you even decide what to prepare!

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