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Discover every flavor of Italian iced tea with San Benedetto

Italian flavors don’t need to be introduced; they have already earned their fame all across the globe. But compared to all the classic tastes of this miraculous cuisine, Italian fruit often gets unjustly overlooked. In order to fix that unforgivable mistake, we have compiled a beautiful selection of all the incredible fruity tea flavors San Benedetto has to offer. Browse through, find your favorites and enjoy them with a handful of ice to not let the summer’s heat faze you.

While experimenting, combining intriguing tastes, and figuring out some brand new pairings can be incredibly amusing, classic aromas will always have a special place in our hearts. The same goes for our drinks. We are very open to every unfamiliar flavor; however, we still can’t help but be partial to old favorites, which is precisely why San Benedetto teas remain our undefeated favorites. You will understand what we mean as soon as you take the first sip. If you like your sweet drinks, go with San Benedetto peach tea. Enjoy it on its own, or add it to sangrias and cocktails for a fun twist. For zestier, brighter tastes, you could try some of our San Benedetto lemon tea - tangy, sweet, refreshing, and perfect on a hot day! And while all of these flavors could be an ideal addition to your holiday beach bag, none will fit better than San Benedetto green tea with aloe - cooling and rejuvenating - it’s the ultimate fit for a day in the sun.

Try some of San Benedetto artesian water to truly understand what people mean when they call their water delicious and enjoy all the subtle flavors of natural products. Sure, New York might be renowned for its incredible tap water, but these bottles are ready to prove their superiority! As for a fun twist on a seemingly bland product, San Benedetto sparkling water is perfect for those of you who don’t particularly enjoy this hydrating liquid. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice in your cup, and it’s practically a refreshing soda!

Give San Benedetto products a go and enjoy the natural flavors of Italy. From plump, juicy, and perfectly ripe fruit to cold, lively spring water - a delicate blend of tastes will leave you speechless!

From Italian peach tea to refreshing spring water - experience nature in a new form with San Benedetto products from Yummy Bazaar

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