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Enjoy the many flavors of S&B

Do you like spicy hot food? We're not talking about jalapeño heat, but rather meaningful heat. If you're serious about adding heat to your food, you should check out our collection of S&B products. They pack a significant punch of both heat and flavor!

Can you doubt the potential heat quotient when you incorporate ingredients like Japanese La-Yu (crunchy garlic chili oil), Oriental mustard powder, or hot and tangy wasabi sauce into your favorite dishes? These potent flavorings will definitely turn up the heat in even the blandest dishes.

Are you craving the enticing flavors of authentic Japanese curry? Well, you've come to the right place! S&B curry is some of the best in the world and comes in a range of heat levels to suit every taste. You can choose anything from mild to screaming hot curry — just as long as your taste buds can handle it!

S&B produces a line of condiments and flavorings that will turn any ho-hum meal into a flavor powerhouse. Want proof? Check out their curry and wasabi powders. These two popular powders are found in Japanese pantries throughout the world. The curry powder is very handy for adding a dash of flavor to any dish, while the wasabi powder lets you enjoy wasabi paste in mere minutes.

Add a slightly more subtle hit of flavor with Shichimi Togarashi. This popular blend of seven seasonings contains an eclectic mix of spicy, salty, savory, tangy, and earthy flavors. It's fantastic with noodles, vegetables, soups, and as a rub on steaks headed for the grill. We also carry Ichimi Togarashi for those who like their red chili pepper flakes straight up. Warning, it's not for the faint of heart!

Hint: Try the Shichimi Togarashi on popcorn. It's delicious!

What happens when the thick peel from a small evergreen citrus fruit is combined with green chili, salted, and fermented? Why, you get Yuzu Kosho Spicy Citrus Paste, of course! This popular Japanese condiment's flavorful fame is spreading across the world. If you haven't enjoyed it yet, you will soon! Even better, order some today and introduce it to your friends and family. They'll surely thank you for the introduction!

As we've just seen, S&B foods can add all the authentic Japanese flavor or heat you could want to your favorite dishes. Even the most mundane noodle dishes or soups sparkle with flavor when they receive the S&B touch!

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