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Eureka! We have discovered the best Taiwanese nougat at Yummy Bazaar!

They say every man to his taste; however, this can’t stop us from arguing - sweets are one of the most perfect gifts for every occasion! Nothing says sympathy, congratulations, happy wishes like a delicious piece of candy treating one’s taste buds with soothing aromas of instant happiness, making you feel at ease, and helping you let go of your worries (well, for some time)! And the Royal Family assortment proves our point! Royal Family is a Taiwanese confectionery brand, renowned for its most delicious nougat range, full of Eastern flavors! So, if you are looking for the best gift to cheer your dessert-loving friend up, you have found just the right option!

At Yummy Bazaar, you have the delicious opportunity to get your hands on the softest delight - Royal Family green tea nougat! Sorry, Torrone, it’s time for your Taiwanese predecessor to shine! This delicious masterpiece is infused with aromatic green tea that carries subtle bitterness to it, and you know how much we love and appreciate the complex juxtaposition of flavors, right?! The earthy undertones of green tea flawlessly blend with the heavenly combo of honey and almonds! So, if you are someone who loves well-balanced sweetness in their treats, this Taiwanese nougat is bound to become your favorite!

With us, you can also shop for Royal Family black tea nougat - one of the most decadent blends of the collection! This delight is made from brown rice, so it’s deliciously brown and unbelievably aromatic, thanks to robust black tea! Even the smallest piece of this honey-sweetened delight is filled with enough almond chunks to get you hooked, so doubling your order might save you some time! If you want to make your snacking experience even tastier, just put this delight in a microwave for 10 seconds - it will come out temptingly warm and fluffier in texture!

Royal Family cranberry and almond nougat is the perfect example of why nougat is called...Well, nougat - since it means nutcake in the old Occitan! Prettified with cranberry pieces, this delight is bursting with almonds, too, making it an irresistibly crunchy treat to pair with your hot cup of tea in the mornings when you need that extra fortitude to face the world! Trust us; this deliciousness will make you feel on top of the world! Even if you don’t consider yourself a big fan of sweets, this delicious Taiwanese nougat is bound to reform you, so order up!

And we want to finish with the most delicate flavor of our collection - Royal Family milk nougat! These nougat pieces are filled with soothing aromas, bound to become your favorite late-night snacks in a heartbeat! Enjoy these milky delights with your favorite book and a warm cup of chamomile tea! That’s it; you’re set to have the best night’s sleep filled with the sweetest dreams, thanks to the Royal Family!

For the ultimate sweetness, browse our unique collection of Royal Family nougat!

To treat your taste buds to the supreme sensory experience this Taiwanese nougat candy delivers, all you have to do is peruse the sophisticated collection of Royal Family, choose your favorite flavors, and hit the order button! We will do everything in our power to get your sweets delivered right to your doorstep as quickly as possible!

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