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Discover the world of rainbow gummies: Shop Rowntree's fruit gums online!

Are you a snack addict who enjoys the chewy texture of yummy gummies and wants to discover one of the best vegan fruit gums on the market? We've got some delicious pick-me-ups that will instantly please your palate with fruity flavors and squishy texture. Yummy Bazaar's curated selection of Rowntree's gummy candy from the United Kingdom will delight you with its variety of products made to satisfy your taste buds instantly!

Rowntree's is a famed and beloved confectionery manufacturer with over 150 years of experience! Things truly started to kick in with its development of the line of Fruit Gums in 1893. Rowntree's was one of the early adopters of different advertising forms and slowly became a well-known name in the UK. Today, this brand produces delicious treats without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives while remaining England's favorite fruity pleasure enjoyed by millions of people every year!

Let's begin our journey of sweet gummy candies, shall we? Let's start with the most classic line of gummies that Rowntree's is best known for, and it is none other than Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles. These vegan fruit gums come in different fruit flavors. Rowntree's vegan fruit pastilles combine fantastic tastes of lime, strawberry, lemon, orange, and blackcurrant to provide a rainbow of flavors in every pack. Are you a fan of strawberries and blackcurrants? If so, you will absolutely adore each flavor that awaits you in the packets of Rowntree's fruit pastilles with strawberry and blackcurrant.

Want something that's full of little surprises? Rowntree's Randoms will undoubtedly amaze you with unpredictable flavor and shape combinations - you will never know for sure what you're going to get until you open the packaging! These exciting gums come in different themes, so we are going to guide you through the process of finding the perfect one for your taste buds! Beginning with Rowntree's Randoms Sweets - offering a classic mix with fruit flavors and unique shapes. For a more sour and zingy kick to your senses, get a pack of Rowntree's Randoms Sours packed with citrusy flavors. Each and every gum will bring you an exciting, unique, and unexpected texture, color, taste, and shape experience.

Looking for something juicier? Look no further; a pack of Rowntree's Randoms Juicers is filled with squishy treats that boast sweet flavors and juiciness in the center. For the opposite experience with a foamy and fluffy texture that's accompanied by delightful sweetness, opt for Rowntree's Randoms Foamies shaped like ice cream and strawberries for a fun and pleasing experience of fluff pillows on your taste buds! For that extra squishiness that every kid loves, chew on some Rowntree's Randoms Squish'ems. They are ideal for sharing with friends and family and deliver a delightful texture, shape, and flavor experience!

Alright, now let's move onto a little bit sweeter and fruitier jelly candies. Rowntree's Jelly Tots provide a superior chewing experience accompanied by a luscious layer of sugar. Each jelly tot has its own unique fruit flavor from real fruit juice, so carry it with you and enjoy it as a quick and delicious snack on the go!

If you're a true fan of Rowntree's jelly snacks or simply cannot decide on which to get, then you will absolutely enjoy a bag of Rowntree's Pick and Mix. This treat combines all the flavor mixes from Fruit Gums, Fruit Pastilles, and Jelly Tots in one single pack, so if you can't decide on which to try, get this versatile pack and try them all!

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