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Give in to the irresistible temptation: shop Rossana milk & hazelnut spread online at Yummy Bazaar!

Italians have a truly unique breakfast culture when it comes to the food they consume. Not only do they think that breakfast should be a light and small meal but also a very sweet one! Italians simply cannot go without consuming a burst of energy in the morning, and one of the easiest ways to start their day on the right foot is to enjoy a simple piece of bread with a sweet layer of spread on top. Having a perfect accompaniment to your morning rusk or a slice of toast is almost a requirement for an ideal Italian breakfast. To help you find the best Italian spread, we have created a curated selection of an iconic Italian brand, Rossana’s milk and hazelnut cream spread.

Whether you’re a fan of Rossana candy or you’re simply looking for a lusciously sweet combination of nutty hazelnuts and milky flavors in your spread, White Rossana spread cream will bring you a sense of comfort even with just a single spoon. What is so special about this magically versatile cream? It has a classic flavor of Rossana candy that has been a hit in Italy for decades now. With its irresistible taste, smoothness, and sweetness, Rossana milk and hazelnut spread will be the best jar of creamy spread you’ve ever had! We have a warning for you though, you probably will have a hard time resisting the temptation to eat this White Rossana cream goodness straight from the jar!

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