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Roquefort, the King of Blue Cheese from France

Roquefort is one of the world's most famous types of blue cheese. In its native France, it’s called the “Cheese of Kings” and is one of the most widely consumed cheeses, regularly placed right after Camembert and Comté.

Roquefort cheese is made from Lacaune breed ship milk that’s whole, unpasteurized, unfiltered, and not heated over 93°F. Its texture is semi-hard and crumbly but also moist and creamy, making it easy to utilize both as is, raw, and in various recipes requiring heat treatment. The color is dark, ivory-esque white with bright blue-green veins of mold.

Roquefort is a very sharp and savory cheese with a distinct pungent smell that’s considered strong even compared to other blue cheese. At first bite, it’s hard to catch complex flavors under the characteristic acidic tang and saltiness, especially for an unused palate. Yet, once you get used to the flavor, you’ll find it deeply earthy with hints of fresh grass, somewhat smoky, and even a hint of sweetness like burnt caramel.

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