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Rio Mare Italian Tuna in Olive Oil 5.6 oz. (160 g)
Rio Mare Rio Mare Italian Tuna in Olive Oil 5.6 oz. (160 g)
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Rio Mare: Italian Canned Tuna Done Right

Affectionately dubbed “the one and only” by locals, Rio Mare has earned its place as one of the top Italian canned tuna producers. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Rio Mare Tonno has consistently produced some of the best canned tuna products for over 50 years.

Lauded by chefs and fish lovers alike, now it is your chance to try this amazing fish in the comfort of your own home.

Taste the Rio Mare Difference

While canned tuna may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of delectable snacks, Rio Mare canned tuna will certainly change your mind.

Known for its unmistakable taste and unbeatable quality, do yourself a favor and try a can of Rio Mare Italian Tuna in Olive Oil. This solid light pink tuna has a distinct rose hue and flaky texture that makes it perfect to eat right out of the can. This tuna can also be used in an array of tasty recipes such as a tuna crostini, Nicoise salad, or even stuffed into avocados with jalapeno and olive oil. Whatever recipe you decide to go for, make sure to buy authentic Rio Mare online at Yummy Bazaar beforehand.

If you would rather have a salad pre-made for your enjoyment, Rio Mare has got you covered there as well. Try their Rio Mare Mexican Tuna Salad for a ready-to-eat salad with a touch of flair. Complete with red beans, sweet corn, and red peppers, this salad makes a perfect weekday lunch. Its expert combination of vegetables and spices enhances the natural flavor of the tuna to create a bold and flavorful snack.

For classic Mediterranean flavors packed into a pre-made Rio Mare tuna salad, opt for the Rio Mare Cous Cous e Tonno Salad. Combined with fragrant vegetables and the rich flavor of couscous, the tuna is the star of the show in this classic tuna salad. Add it to your lunchbox or try it on a large slice of toasted bread as an afternoon snack.

No matter what time of day you choose to munch on this Mediterranean treat, you now know where to buy the iconic Rio Mare tune from the comfort of your couch.

Buy Rio Mare Tuna on Yummy Bazaar

No lunchbox or fully stocked pantry is complete without a can of Rio Mare tuna — so be sure to stock up on Yummy Bazaar today. With an impressive array of authentic Mediterranean tuna, your snack time will never be the same.

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