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Rigoni di Asiago: Organically Sweet Spreads & Honey

Long before organic farming became popular, Rigoni di Asiago made the commitment to make their sweet spreads and honey the way that nature intended. With a passion for nature and a deep connection with Italian tradition, the brand has always chosen to work with high-quality, organic ingredients to deliver products that not only taste great but are good for the environment as well.

With its all-natural honey to its line of mouth-watering fruit and hazelnut spreads, Rigoni di Asiago products have effortlessly stolen the hearts of people in Italy and all across the globe. Browse their collection of sweet confections on Yummy Bazaar and taste the difference for yourself.

A Taste of the Sweet Life

From jam over your toast in the morning to a drizzle of hazelnut spread over your post-dinner ice cream, Rigoni di Asiago has all-organic products that seamlessly fit into your everyday life.

To start your day on the fruity foot, simply grab a jar of any of Rigoni di Asiago’s Fiordifrutta and spread it over an English muffin, toast, or even pancakes. They have all of your favorite classic flavors like Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry that are packed with real fruit flavor. They also have more unconventional flavors like Pomegranate, Peach, and Pear that are equally mouthwatering. No matter what flavor you choose, each jar of Rigoni di Asiago’s Fiordifrutta has just the right hint of sweetness that tastes as fresh as the real thing.

If you are more of a chocolate fan than a fruit fan, Rigoni di Asiago also makes incredible Nocciolata, or chocolate hazelnut spread as we know it. Much like their other creations, Rigoni di Asiago’s Nocciolata is made with all-natural ingredients so you can feel good about your choice to eat a spoonful on its own — it even comes in a dairy-free variety so that everyone can enjoy this rich and delicious spread. Both jars are brimming with decadent chocolate and hazelnut flavors that will leave you feeling luxurious all day long.

Perhaps even more sumptuous than their Nocciolata is Rigoni di Asiago’s Acacia Honey. This organic Italian honey is light in color with notes of fruit and vanilla making it ideal for a wide range of uses. Try this honey in your morning tea, over a yogurt parfait, or even add it to a homemade barbeque sauce for an added dash of sweetness.

With any of these Rigoni di Asiago products in your pantry, your life will get a whole lot sweeter in no time.

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