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Buy Japanese mochi and rice cakes online and have a perfect dessert for all occasions!

Despite what you might have heard from ancient proverbs and passed-down wisdom, there actually ARE a few constants in life - the most annoying song will always be the one to get stuck in your head, music will always sound better in the car (or in whatever unimaginable mode of transportation awaits in our future), mums will always have a magical ability of finding missing things that weren’t there a second ago when you looked, and no matter how big of a dinner we’ve had, we’ll always feel peckish for something sweet afterward.

And while we can’t really do much about the first three, we can definitely supply you with enough decadent desserts to last you a lifetime (or ten)! In order to achieve that, we went ahead and compiled a selection of the most convenient Asian rice cakes and mochi - the ultimate ready-to-eat sugary treats that come in a myriad of flavors and provide something for every preference.

The main question you have to answer before perusing this collection is whether you prefer your desserts to be soft and chewy or crunchy and crispy? Once you’ve made up your mind regarding that dilemma, everything else will flow smoothly!

For those of you who love chewy textures, Japanese Daifuku mochi is a perfect dessert. These sticky, decadent treats are filled with sweet bean paste and offer a culinary experience like no other. From classic chocolate, orange, and strawberry daifuku to more intriguing tastes like chestnut daifuku mochi, matcha daifuku mochi, and the inimitable red bean daifuku mochi, there’s something for every level of flavor-curiosity! Have a couple with your daily cup of coffee or tea, enjoy them with the addition of berries, or have some on their own as a quick snack - these Kubota mochi are perfect for all occasions!

As for those of you who prefer to have some crunch with your desserts, our vast selection of rice cakes by The Crispery is guaranteed to strike your fancy! If you’d like to enjoy some familiar tastes, either one of our banana pudding, cookies and cream, chocolate and caramel, or oreo rice crispy cakes can be your perfect match! But if you don’t mind experimenting with your palette a bit more, don’t hold back and opt for more diverse aromas. From jalapeno marshmallow rice crispy cake to protein powder rice cake (cause muscles and whatnot) and popcorn crunch rice cake, there are more than enough options for you to fall in love with!

You could also add a bit more texture to your crispy cakes by opting for some chewy additions like jelly bean marshmallow rice cake, magical charms rice cake, or the inimitable red hot chewies rice crispy cake! And if you really love these decadent treats, why not have one for your birthday? With our Happy Birthday rice crispy cake, that can be easily arranged!  

So whether you prefer to finish off the day with a chewy or a crispy treat, You’re guaranteed to find something that suits you in our selection of Japanese rice cakes. From diverse textures to even more diverse tastes, these decadent treats offer something for everyone!

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