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French Pastilles for a secret Rendezvous!

Specialty sweets for special occasions - we like to think providing you with such delights is to put it...specialty! Sorry, too punny, we know! However, at Yummy Bazaar, we are fully stocked with French confectionery, bound to make your date go even smoother than you’d hope for it to do! Are you ready to hear what we’ve got prepared for you? We proudly carry Rendez Vous sweets at our digital shelves - an iconic French name synonymous with quality, flavor, and elegance! With us, you can get your hands on the elegant French pastilles tin, bound to become your favorite person’s favorite gift EVER!

With us, you have the delicious opportunity to get Rendez Vous violet pastilles, bursting with enchanting aroma! Infinitely delicious, these French sugar-free pastilles are great whenever you’re feeling under the weather! Just pop these uniquely light treats, and prepare your taste buds for the most delicate flavors of violets! We advise you to keep these Rendez Vous sugar-free pastilles at arm’s reach for maximum comfort, and the tiny cute tin makes this so easy! Feel free to include this pastilles tin in gift baskets, or enjoy them on the go! Whatever you decide, make sure to share them with your loved ones: calming and comforting flavors are the most-needed luxury!

French Pastilles tin? Did you mean the perfect gift for every occasion?!

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