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Munch on & share some scrumptious Japanese cookies - shop Red Hat cookies online!

Are you a cookie fanatic who just loves to snack on sweet and crunchy biscuits or simply looking for an exquisite gift with a Japanese soul? Either way, we have got something exceptional for you. Made by a Japanese brand known and beloved for quality, taste, and uniqueness, Red Hat cookies have captured the hearts of many. For all the cookie lovers out there, we have created an incredible selection of Red Hat Japanese cookies so you can, too, experience the unparalleled flavors brought to you in convenient packaging as well as unique gift boxes.

Want your cookies to taste satisfyingly crispy and soft at the same time but packed in convenient packaging? Make sure to check out Red Hat Kukkia cookies with different fillings. What's so special about Kukkia cookies? They are thin and delicate pastries filled with a thin layer of creamy filling sandwiched between soft wafer cookies. If you're all about the classic chocolatey cookies, you absolutely need to try Red Hat chocolate cookies filled with milk chocolate.

Green tea is synonymous with Japanese tea, and it's one of the most consumed beverages in Japan. To deliver you the most authentic Japanese flavors in your favorite treat, Red Hat brings you Red Hat green tea cookies with a creamy layer of rich chocolate & earthy and sweet matcha green tea sandwiched between the Kukkia wafer cookies. Enjoy these luscious cookies along with a cup of tea and achieve the cookie lover zen!

Let's get to the culmination of this collection, the real cookie masterpiece that's waiting to be gifted to your loved ones. The Red Hat gift box is totally out of this world: from packaging and design to flavor and elegance, these Japanese gift boxes will leave you speechless!

With over 40 years of experience, Red Hat has mastered the art of crafting the most delicious cookies brought to you in unique gift boxes. Characterized by a painting of a young woman in a beautiful red hat, the boxes in our selection come in two varieties with different confectioneries. Red Hat Akai Bohshi pink box is filled with macarons and brandy balls as well as milk and tea rolls. The individual packaging for each treat in a beautiful rose-themed design will absolutely hypnotize you, and they taste just as good as they look! You can also get your hands on a Red Hat Akai Bohshi yellow box that comes in a larger size and contains the most beloved "rose cookies" featuring the Akai Bohshi red hat surrounded by roses as a decoration element. It's beautiful and can make any cookie lover's day.

Fun fact: Red Hat gift boxes are very popular in eastern Asia, particularly in Taiwan. It has become customary for couples to announce their engagement by gifting their relatives, family members, and friends with gift boxes. Chinese also believe that red is the color of happiness, luck & joy, so the incorporation of red color in the Akai Bohshi gift box has made this beautiful box the perfect gift all across Taiwan and other Asian countries.

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