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Looking for Famous Reber Chocolate to up Your Dessert Platter?

If you’re reading this, you might be looking for the best marzipan chocolate there is. If true, we’re ready to let you in on a little secret - when it comes to marzipan, no one does it like Germany, the birthplace of this nutty indulgence. So, you’re making the best decision by browsing our online assortment of the prized German chocolatier brand - Reber!

Reber has been supplying Germany with tempting chocolate treats for more than 150 years. The famous success story started in Munich when Peter Reber opened the first patisserie cafe in 1865. Now chocolate connoisseurs and those with a sophisticated sweet tooth enjoy Reber’s chocolate daily in over 50 countries. The brand is known for its tireless dedication to quality control, resulting in products free from flavor enhancers, artificial coloring, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, palm oil, or other foreign fats.

The legendary German brand is loved for its sophisticated pralines, called Mozart-Kugeln. As inspired by Mozart’s compositions, the specialty marzipan pralines are made of exquisite ingredients: fresh pistachios & almonds and the most delicate nougat filling. If we’ve piqued your interest, we’re ready to supply you with tempting Mozart-Kugeln and more Reber chocolate at prices you’ll love!

Luckily, in our online assortment of Reber’s chocolate, you can find every signature treat from the brand, including Mozart-Kugeln pralines in the gift boxes. We included Reber’s chocolate for every occasion: classic, heart-shaped, or assorted Gold Cord boxes will surprise even the most demanding palates. Reber’s Mozart-Kugeln pralines come adorned with decorative boxes with paintings of Constanze & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! On Yummy Bazaar, you can also find dark chocolate Schwarzwalder Kirsch-Hearts. The unique pralines are made with Kirschwasser-soaked cherries and have tempting marzipan centers. We also carry unique white chocolate renditions of Mozart-Kugeln pralines with raspberry, the perfect gift for Valentine’s. However, if it’s your daily menu you want to upgrade with Reber’s chocolate, with us, you can also get your hands on quick and convenient chocolate bars with signature German marzipan and more!

Shop Germany’s Favorite - Reber’s Chocolate Online!

On Yummy Bazaar, you can get your hands on every signature Reber’s chocolate. When we say every, we mean everything from Mozart-Kugeln to unique assorted gift boxes of soaked-cherry pralines. Take a look at our carefully curated selection of Reber’s chocolates, discover your old favorites, future go-to’s, or unique flavors to try every now & then, and let us deliver them to your door at prices you’ll love. When you’re all done with Reber, you can discover more in our German chocolate online store!