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Ramune Japanese Soda

Are you from Japan? Have family there? Just like the food? Doesn't matter. No matter where you're from or what you like, if you have any association with Japan, you'll recognize the name Ramune. This soda brand has become an icon for Japanese food and drink enthusiasts for both its great taste and its creative bottle seal. If you're in a reasonably large city that has Japanese supermarkets, you'll find a generally good selection of Ramune flavors on the shelves. But if your city doesn't have a Japanese market, you may be limited to just a few flavors, if any. This is true even if your city has other Asian markets – shelf space for all of the flavors may be scarce. And if you're in a really small town, you might not have any way to get Ramune soda.

All is not lost! Yummy Bazaar carries no less than 18 flavors of Ramune soda, and chances are, the one you want is here. Whether you want the classic lemon-lime flavor or more creative versions like yogurt, we can ship them to you quickly.

Ramune is a summertime treat, and it's fun to open the bottle and see a marble sink down into the sweet drink. Once you remove the wrapper, you'll push down on the top of a plunger to move the marble out of the way. When the bottle is sealed, the carbonation keeps the marble in place until you push it down. Then you can drink freely.

If you've somehow never tried Ramune, start with classic flavors like the original, lychee, or melon. Move on to familiar flavors like strawberry, orange, or watermelon, and then start on the flavors you might not have thought possible in soda. And Ramune has plenty! Try banana or matcha green tea, and definitely try yogurt!

We also carry pineapple, yuzu, muscat grape, blueberry, kiwi, peach, raspberry, green apple, and mango. Each is available in a 6.6 fluid ounce (200 ml) bottle.

The bottles fit easily into a backpack, briefcase, and even large purses. We also offer another collection of Japanese goods if you want to order food along with your soda. Whether you're trying to complete a collection of Ramune flavor bottles, hold a sampling session for social media, or just get a taste of home, our online store can help you find the flavors you want. And if you have questions about the product, our terrific customer service team can help you. Reach them through chat, email, or a phone call.

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Why order Ramune soda from Yummy Bazaar? We're the premier vendor for this soda and can ship it to you no matter where you are. No need to worry about when you'll get your next Ramune fix because we can send it right to your door. Order $59 or more from our site and get free shipping! When you want to open a bottle of Ramune and see that marble drop down into the bottle, shop in Yummy Bazaar's online store.