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A World of Delicious Noodles

A bowl of perfectly cooked noodles swimming in a fragrant, flavorful broth... These are ramen noodles, and they are a staple of quick meals and dorm rooms around the globe!

You're familiar with the ramen offerings at your local grocer, aren't you? They probably carry common ramen flavors like beef, pork, chicken, and maybe even shrimp. However, that's nothing compared to the variety of ramen noodle flavors available across the world.

Did you know that there's a kimchi flavored ramen? Well, there is! There are chicken curry, pickled mustard, black bean paste, and four-cheese ramen varieties, too! In fact, it's hard to think of a common savory flavor that hasn't shown up in ramen form at one time or another. There are so many types of ramen noodles available, you could eat ramen for a year and never get tired of it!

Japanese Ramen

Japanese ramen noodles from brands like Itsuki and Menraku showcase a variety of delicious Japanese flavors. Enjoy ramen flavors like tonkotsu miso, shoyu (soy sauce ramen), or spicy sesame when you try ramen from these companies.

Hakubaku offers fresh, soft Japanese shoyu ramen noodles. They also have organic ramen noodles available, made from the finest organic Australian wheat.

Korean Ramen

Are you ready for intensely delicious flavors and a little (well, maybe a lot!) of heat? Welcome to the world of Korean ramen! We carry ramen noodles from well-known Korean brands Samyang and Nongshim. These two brands definitely know how to bring the flavor and the heat! Take the latter's Shin Ramyun Hot & Spicy Noodles, for example. For those who like bold and spicy flavors, there's really nothing better.

Unless it's Samyang's Nuclear 2X Spicy Chicken Ramen, that is! Don't even think of trying this one until you've mastered their regular spicy chicken ramen. Since the regular version is hot enough to have inspired YouTube challenges, can you even imagine how hot the twice as spicy version is? Better have plenty of milk and honey handy!

For those who prefer flavor over heat, check out the Vegetasty Korean Vegetable Ramen. It has a broth made with sixty (yes, 60!) different vegetables. All of those veggies give it so much depth of flavor, you won't miss the meat or the heat!

Taiwanese Ramen

Looking for perfectly chewy ramen? That's exactly what you'll experience with Wu-Mu ramen. This Taiwanese ramen brand features noodles that are steamed and then dried rather than deep-fried like other dried ramen. The steaming gives these lower-fat noodles the perfect chewy texture. That unique texture paired with slightly sweet, definitely salty, umami-rich black bean sauce? Now, that's what we call ramen perfection!

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At Yummy Bazaar, we make it easy to buy ramen online. Our fantastic selection invites you to try new taste sensations while remembering old favorites. When you order ramen from us, we'll ship it straight to your door. A minimum $59 order of favorite ingredients and foods from around the world even qualifies for free shipping!