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Discover the Apulian taste of the scrumptious taralli crackers by Puglia Sapori

Looking for a crispy, plain, and light snack to add to your breadbasket? If so, we’ve got the crunchiest, most addictive, and, in our opinion, the ultimate snack option for you! If you’re a fan of Italian baking, you probably have heard about the most popular southern Italian snack - taralli.

What is taralli? A delightfully crunchy snack is similar to breadsticks, pretzels, and bubliki all rolled into one, but so much better. Made with soft, yeast-free dough, olive oil, and white wine, each taralli is boiled then baked to crisp perfection so that you can enjoy every crunchy bite of it!

Puglia Sapori takes the crown when it comes to the breathtaking and enthralling Italian snacks. At Yummy Bazaar, we have prepared a beautiful selection of one of the best Italian taralli crackers, Puglia Sapori taralli. Since 1992, Puglia Sapori has followed the recipe of top-quality ingredients, including the world-famous extra virgin Puglia olive oil, to take a step closer to authentic Italian cuisine.

Depending on your taste and flavor preferences, there are a lot of Sapori di Puglia taralli Pugliesi varieties for you to choose from, with the most beloved of them all being Puglia Sapori olive oil taralli. This uniquely baked crispy snack brings a once-in-a-lifetime sensation that will leave you asking for more! Olive oil taralli makes for a beautiful accompaniment to cured meats and cheese with its gentle flavor and crunchiness.

Hint: For the most Italian snacking experience, enjoy taralli dunked in wine before consumption. It will definitely be worth a try!

Are you craving something more pungent and aromatic? Puglia Sapori rosemary taralli will bring that satisfyingly crunchy sensation to your taste buds with a touch of rosemary. This scrumptious snack will make for the perfect dipping cracker for your favorite tomato sauce and even pizza!

Want something more fiery, sharp, and pungent? We have an option for you too! Puglia Sapori chili pepper taralli seasoned with chili pepper, paprika and salt, create an unforgettable spicy experience that cannot be replicated! These super piquant chili pepper taralli not only make for a great instant snack but also an excellent appetizer. Don’t hesitate to dip them into your favorite hot sauce for that extra spice, too!

Taralli Pugliesi Cheese and Pepper - mildly spicy and hot with a touch of cheese! Another beloved bite-size Puglia Sapori’s snack seasoned with cheese and spicy black pepper! This snack is so addictive and deliciously aromatic that it will leave you asking for more!

Everybody loves pizza, right? I’m sure even in your wildest dreams, you wouldn’t be able to imagine even the most delicious Italian crackers to be resembling and emphasizing authentic Italian pizza flavors, but Sapori di Puglia taralli has just done that by introducing Puglia Sapori pizza taralli! Pizza taralli is an absolute masterpiece of a creation enhanced with tomato, oregano, paprika, onions, and salt to bring the best crackers from Italy!

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