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Liven up your meals with French herbs - shop Provence Epice herbs & spices online!

All the cooking enthusiasts and foodies out there, listen up! We all know that no excellent gourmet food can truly be a gourmet meal without adding all the necessary spice and herb to truly level up your dish and create something with fragrant flavor. Not only do these magical floral seasonings help make the most delicious meals, but also one of the most conveniently tasty ones! Drying and blending your own spice and herb blends takes a lot of time and can be quite cost-inefficient, especially when we can bring you one of the best, most authentic Herbs de Provence seasonings as well as authentic French spices right to your front door! The secret? Our curated selection of carefully crafted Provence Epice herbs!

Every Provence Epice herb mix is unique and can make even the most boring dishes taste like a chef's dream! Looking for the best all-around traditional French herb mix? Nothing can top a good ol' sprinkle of Provence Epice herbs de Provence. This exquisite combination of aromatic, slightly peppery rosemary, sharp floral flavored thyme, and balanced sweet & peppery basil is finished with a touch of savory and marjoram, creating a mix that's quintessential to Provencal cooking. Use this unique French herb mix to season your morning omelets, craft unparalleled tomato sauces, soups, and marinades!

Want to spice things up and add a touch of pure, authentic Moroccan flavors to your culinary masterpieces? You simply cannot go wrong with Provence Epice Ras El Hanout spice blend consisting of turmeric, caraway, coriander seeds, chili pepper, and more! Its ideally pungent flavors, along with a bit of woodiness and sweetness, make it the ideal spice blend for your stews, marinades, and meats!

Not enough spice? If you want something sharper and fierier than Ras El Hanout, don't even think twice, Provence Epice Rouille spices will for sure help you create unforgettably spicy delicacies. Even just a pinch of this unique garlicky spice can do wonders for your meals! Create your very own French Rouille sauce and pour it over spicy bouillabaisse soup from Provence.

Still haven't found your perfect seasoning mix? If you simply don't have much time to spend on livening up your dishes, make sure to get Provence Epice Epices Rabelais spice mix filled with authentic French herbs & spices, nutmeg, curry. Ginger & cinnamon. Make your everyday life easier by simply seasoning any ready-made dish spicy flavors can compliment.

Spice up your typical home baking and give Provence Epice spice mix a chance! This spicy blend can not only be used for making delicious gingerbread but also a variety of pastries like cookies, cakes, and pancakes. This magnificent mix full of ginger cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and more will make for an excellent addition to your pumpkin pie.

Thyme is one of the most popular herbs in the world. Provence Epice Provence thyme makes for a beautiful herb to create the most Mediterranean dishes and add character to your salads, pasta, and roasted potatoes.

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