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Prosciutto, Traditional Italian Ham

Prosciutto is a classic Italian meat product and, arguably, the most beloved of them all. While most people outside Italy associate the name with a particular type of product, in Italian, prosciutto just means “ham” and covers two separate varieties, along with all their sub-types. All prosciutto is exclusively pork-based, made from a pig’s hind leg. Its beef alternative is an entirely different product called bresaola.

Prosciutto Crudo is a dry-cured ham most imagine when thinking about prosciutto. It’s salted and seasoned by hand and left to age for up to 3 years. Prosciutto Crudo is dark red with wide white fat strikes. It has a buttery but chewy texture and delicate, savory, and sweet flavor.

Prosciutto Cotto is a cooked ham. It’s kept in brine for a few days to tenderize and then either boiled, steamed, or baked. Prosciutto Cotto is bright pink with a thin layer of fat. It has a tender, juicy texture and a mild, meaty flavor.

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